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Bodog Mobile Casino is Closed - Bovada Mobile casino Welcomes New Players!

Bodog Mobile Casino is Closed! All new registration and already existing Bodog accounts are automatically transferred to Bovada Mobile Casino. With the influx of electronic communication devices growing in leaps and bounds, it seems quite natural for online casinos to embrace new technological advances that have been made in the Mobile area. Bovada Mobile Casino has far surpassed other online casinos in providing online players with the ability to play online games using a variety of mobile devices.

Bodog’s Mobile Casino Welcomes You!

What sets Bovada Mobile Casino apart from the rest is the number of mobile devices with which you can access the many gambling venues available at Bodog. These include: Bodog Mobile Sportsbook, Bodog Mobile Poker and, of course, Bovada Mobile Casino.
More importantly, however, are the number of mobile devices you can use at Bodog Mobile to access these venues, including: Bodog Mobile iPhone, Cell Phone, BlackBerry, Smartphone, PDA, iPhone, and the new iPad.

Online Casino Gambling through Mobile Devices Has Never Been Easier!

As a member of the Bodog Mobile community, you can easily activate the Bodog Mobile download to any one of the devices we mentioned in three easy steps: Choose your device; Download the application; and Login and Play. These simple steps are what make Bodog Mobile download so efficient, user-friendly, and accommodating to mobile users.

Bodog Mobile Sportsbook

If you were following the NFL match-ups, you not only had the capability of checking the scores on Bodog Mobile Sports, but placing your bets as well. But this is just one of a dozen areas in which mobile devices bring the sports games to you. The Olympics will begin this week, and no doubt mobile users will be accessing the Olympic events as they unfold. Through Bodog mobile sports, accessibility will play a key role for online players who want to bet on the games, or utilize their mobile devices to link to Bodog’s live TV.

As new and more exciting electronic communication devices are released, it’s a sure bet that Bovada Mobile Casino will be the first to offer users the opportunity to access their Poker, Sportsbook, Horse Races, and Casino sites via these new mobile devices. You, too, can be the first to access all forms of online gambling by joining Bovada Mobile Casino today!

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