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Lucky Lady's Slots

Lucky Lady's Slots is the 9 line slot machine developed, manufactured and sold by Novomatic corporation. Lucky Lady's Slots is physical fruit machine game made exclusively for off-line casinos. From other side many people are looking to play Lucky Lady's Slots online. If you feel you are one of them this article is for you.

Lucky Lady Slots Online Alternatives

As I said the bad news is there are no online Lucky Lady's Slots. The good news we decided to throw down the glove and find solution for your Lucky Lady's Slots online experience. The way we did it is to check lots of online slot machines - both new and existing on the market for a while to find those that similar to Lucky Lady's by their theme, number of lines, number of reels, prizes and pay-offs. The list below consist of the best Lucky Lady's Slots online alternatives from several online casinos we are getting positive players feedback information. We would like to emphasize that all those casinos accept US players with no exceptions and have reliable depositing options for Americans.

How to win at Lucky Lady slots?

Well, there is no "one works for all" tactic, but we’d recommend you to pick up some ideas we mentioned in our article how to win at slots. We were reported recently by our female visitors that Lucky Lady's tend to bring more luck to women. We cannot confirm this because we do not have enough statistics yet, but yes, you are welcome to write us about your personal experience and we'll be glad to inform other people about it too.

Lucky Lady features:

  • Lines: 9-line
  • Reels: 5-reel
  • Prizes: good
  • The Bonus Feature is triggered when three or more scattered Planes appear left to right.
  • The player picks from among five Planes.
  • There are between one and three bonus rounds.
  • The player has an opportunity to win up to 100 times the original bet.

The Importance of Good Luck Charms in the Casino

It just stands to reason that any game of chance will bring on the need for good luck charms. After all, luck is a huge element of any game of chance, and putting luck on your side makes a lot of sense.</p>

We have all been to casinos and seen people on seemingly endless lucky streaks. While there is no way to prove that the lucky charms they brought with them were responsible for this good luck, it certainly can't hurt to try. There are as many types of good luck charms as there are players at the casino. There are the traditional lucky charms like the four leaf clover and the rabbit's foot, and there are some more nontraditional lucky charms as well. There are lucky pieces of jewelry, and even lucky Western Union stubs, and I also happen to know one person who brings a lucky bingo marker to every high stakes bingo game. Good tip from experiences players: if you have good luck in one slot game for a while and then you feel you are going to loose it, switch to another new slot game

Whether it is troll dolls, lucky pennies, four leaf clovers or rabbits' feet, there is certainly no shortage of good luck charms in the average casino. You have probably seen those good luck charms lined up on the slot machine, and when those slot machines pay off it is easy to become a believer.

Of course there is no way to prove that any of these good luck charms really do the trick, and the more rational part of our minds may insist that it is all nonsense. The next time you are on an extended losing streak at the gaming table or Lucky 7s slot machine, however, you may be tended to head for the nearest four leaf clover in an attempt to change your luck for the better.

Perhaps the most effective good luck charm, however, is your own common sense. The best way to play any casino game is to set a limit before you go, and to resist the temptation to spend more than you can afford. Knowing your limit, and being able to walk away when lady luck is not smiling, may be the best good luck charm of all.

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