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Millionaires Dream SlotsEveryone has dreamed of being a millionaire at one point or another. You think of the fine automobiles that you would own, perhaps one for each day of the week. You plan each room of your mansion down to the last detail. Millionaires Dream Slots is a fun way of helping those dreams, along with the potential to make at least a few of the smaller dreams comes true.

With A Little Luck

This particular slots game will also give the gamer enough visual clues to keep those thoughts of winning big front and center. Symbolic icons of wealth such as a box of fine cigars, a two-story mansion home, a speedboat, a champagne bottle with accompanying ice bucket and wine glasses, a tropical island getaway, and an expensive, jeweled watch are all potent reminders or what could be a part of their own lives with just a little luck.

Place Your Bet

It is easy to play this five-reel, fifteen-line slot game. First, choose how much you want to bet. There are arrows to be used for bet selection on the bottom right part of the game screen. Once that decision has been made, the next step is to use the Bet One button to choose how many lines you want to bet upon.

The Bet Max Button

To go for it all, just select the Bet Max option. This will place your bet amount upon all fifteen lines, and raise your odds of winning. Of course, the more you bet, the greater are your chances of winning a great deal of money.

That All-Important Pay Table

You will discover that he pay table for this slots game is not difficult to figure out. It is necessary to have a certain number of hits in place in order to win certain amounts. Each prize amount is represented by a certain symbol, and these symbols must all line up in a certain way in order for the wins to become reality. The pay table takes the guesswork out of all this for you, and helps to make playing the game much less angst ridden in the long run.

Scatter Symbols and the Bonus Round

Take careful note of the Scatter symbols that are included in the Pay Table. These symbols, if lined up properly on the slots game, are your ticket to the Bonus Round. If you end up with more than two Scatter symbols, you are definitely going to get the experience of the Millionaire Dream slots Bonus Round, where you can win big without actually betting a thing.
This game can be found at Wannabet Casino. Read our Just Bet Casino review for more information about the casino.

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