Keep the Sound ON: Why Audio Enhances Slot Games

When we asked players if they kept the sound on while playing slot games, an overwhelming majority of them stated that having the audio on not only enhances slot games but adds to the overall gaming experience.

Unlike in the old days when land-based casino slot machines played that same annoying sound when the reels were spinning, or hearing the clinking sound of coins dropping into the tray. Today, with advances in software technology, playing online slots has become a unique experience for slot enthusiasts. So why wouldn't you, as a slot player, keep the sound ON?

Of course, there are those who feel distracted by the audio, but that's what the mute button is for. Overall, however, most players feel the animations and sounds of slot play is more than an integral part of the game - it is the game!

Microgaming Sound Effects

It has been noted that Microgaming casinos have some of the most awesome sound effects that other software brands. To appreciate the sound effects, it is important for players to ensure they have a very good sound card in their PC. Moreover, for those who truly enjoy sounds of slot play, they may utilize large speakers. Everyone who plays slots online has a choice as to whether or not they wish to fully become engrossed in the entire slot experience.

If there are several sounds played during a particular a slot game, you always have the option of turning one or more off. For example, Microgaming casino slots offers three distinct sounds. A musical piece heard in the background before you begin game play; the sound from the reels turning, and the fabulous sound when you win! Along with the video component, slot players have exceedingly given Microgaming casinos high marks for its audio and video enhancements.

Music Soothes the Savage Beast

Imagine, if you will, listening to Frank Sinatra serenading you as you play the slots. Or perhaps you may be looking forward to hearing ghoulish sounds playing Halloween slot game Trick or Treat Slots. Or maybe you love Jazz Slots because of its cool musical interlude. No matter what your taste in slots is, there is a slot game for everyone. Keeping the sound ON only serves to generate additional excitement, one that you will truly appreciate especially if you win!

The next time you play slots at any one of our recommended casinos, Keep the sound ON and let the audio and video surround you and fill your senses as you play your favorite online slots!