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Lucky 7s, 7-Reel Video Slot

Lucky 7s SlotsLucky 7s is a 7-reel video slot at Liberty Slots Casino. It’s definitely a winner of a game, but it’s also not for slot novices.

Like any 7-reel, multi-payline slot game, Lucky 7s is complex. When you start the game, the screen is dominated by the reels: seven of them, each with 3 symbols showing. There are seven possible paylines in Lucky 7s, so make sure to study the paytables carefully; they’ll help you keep track of what’s going on.

One nice feature of Lucky 7s is that every symbol on the reels is a winning symbol. You just need to have them line up. The “Lucky 7s” symbol is the rarest, and the jackpot winner. The other symbols are more common, but don’t have as high a payout. Which is not to say, however, that they don’t have good payouts; they do.

I played this game for half an hour. There are several coin sizes available, ranging from 1 cent to 10 dollars, and I tried most of them. When I left the game, I was $27 ahead of when I’d started, and it was all from small wins. This is a game that definitely pays for itself. A smart player, who’s willing to play patiently and not bet everything on one spin, can definitely play Lucky 7s without having to keep making deposits to stay in the game.

All of this makes for an excellent game. With seven reels and seven paylines, and sevens in all the symbols, Lucky 7s will make seven your lucky number. So give it a spin, and try out the excitement for yourself.

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