Every player loves the thrill of the tournament, and slot machine players can join in on the thrill of competition and the satisfaction of taking home the big prize. As slot machines continue to grow in popularity, with more and more U.S. states establishing legalized gaming, the allure of the slot tournament is likely to continue its growth.

For some slot tournament aficionados, the bragging rights of winning a big tournament may be nearly as important as the prize money that accompanies the win. Slot tournaments can carry all the excitement for participants as tournaments in any other kind of sport.

Another great thing about online slot tournaments for many players is that the amount of money they will be spending is known ahead of time, making it far easier for players to gauge their potential losses. New slot tournaments are opening every week, but you can start to play any time you like.

Unlike many sports tournaments, slot tournaments are easy to play, and they require no special skills or conditioning to participate. Slot tournaments provide a fair and even playing field, making them fair to all participants.

How to Enter a Slot Tournament

The typical slot tournament follows a simple and easy to understand format. Just download casino software, click the Tournaments link in the casino lobby and follow the instructions. You'll need to register with a nick you'll see later in the leader-board (you met the minimum number of wagers to appear). Leader-board in the tournament lobby shows you how far you are from the leader, so you may correct your strategy to win the tournament. More information about slots competition is provided in the casino software.

Slot Tournament Games and Schedule for American players

TournamentStarts InEnds InEntryPrize PoolReview
Monday Fundaynow13 hours$1$25All Star Slots Casino
Monday Fundaynow13 hours$1$25Aladdins Gold Casino
Monday Fundaynow13 hours$1$25Club USA Casino
Monday Fundaynow13 hours$1$25Lucky Red Casino
Monday Fundaynow13 hours$1$25Manhattan Slots Casino
Monday Fundaynow13 hours$1$25High Noon Casino
Monday Fundaynow13 hours$1$25Buzzluck Casino
Daily $1,000now15 hours$5$1,000Drake Casino
Daily Free Rollnow15 hoursFree$100Drake Casino
Daily $1,000now15 hours$5$1,000Gossip Slots Casino
Daily Free Rollnow15 hoursFree$100Gossip Slots Casino
Daily $1,000now15 hours$5$1,000Drake Mobile Casino
Daily Free Rollnow15 hoursFree$100Drake Mobile Casino
Daily $1,00015 hours1 day$5$1,000Drake Casino
Daily Free Roll15 hours1 dayFree$100Drake Casino
Daily $1,00015 hours1 day$5$1,000Gossip Slots Casino
Daily Free Roll15 hours1 dayFree$100Gossip Slots Casino
Daily $1,00015 hours1 day$5$1,000Drake Mobile Casino
Daily Free Roll15 hours1 dayFree$100Drake Mobile Casino
Spooktacularnow3 days 13 hoursFree$113All Star Slots Casino
Spooktacularnow3 days 13 hoursFree$113Aladdins Gold Casino
Spooktacularnow3 days 13 hoursFree$113Club USA Casino
Spooktacularnow3 days 13 hoursFree$113Lucky Red Casino
Spooktacularnow3 days 13 hoursFree$113Manhattan Slots Casino
Spooktacularnow3 days 13 hoursFree$113High Noon Casino
Spooktacularnow3 days 13 hoursFree$113Buzzluck Casino
Weekday Wondernow3 days 13 hours$2$50All Star Slots Casino
Weekday Wondernow3 days 13 hours$2$50Aladdins Gold Casino
Weekday Wondernow3 days 13 hours$2$50Club USA Casino
Weekday Wondernow3 days 13 hours$2$50Lucky Red Casino
Weekday Wondernow3 days 13 hours$2$50Manhattan Slots Casino
Weekday Wondernow3 days 13 hours$2$50High Noon Casino
Weekday Wondernow3 days 13 hours$2$50Buzzluck Casino
Lucky 7now6 days 13 hours$2$25All Star Slots Casino
Lucky 7now6 days 13 hours$2$25Aladdins Gold Casino
Lucky 7now6 days 13 hours$2$25Club USA Casino
Lucky 7now6 days 13 hours$2$25Lucky Red Casino
Lucky 7now6 days 13 hours$2$25Manhattan Slots Casino
Lucky 7now6 days 13 hours$2$25High Noon Casino
Lucky 7now6 days 13 hours$2$25Buzzluck Casino
Weekly Slotsnow6 days 15 hours$5$1,500Drake Casino
Weekly Slotsnow6 days 15 hours$5$1,500Gossip Slots Casino
Weekly Slotsnow6 days 15 hours$5$1,500Drake Mobile Casino

Slot Tournament Prizes

Prizes include casino credits and real cash. Prizes are awarded automatically immediately following the end of the tournament. Places are limited, so register early.
U.S. players are welcome to play.

Casino Win Palace Tournaments Lead in Variety and Excitement

Casino Win Palace tournaments offer some of the best and most exciting slots tournaments with the greatest variety of games and competition levels online today. There are unique and special tournaments every single day of the week culminating at the end of the month The Big One with a $30,000 prize pool.

Daily Tournaments for Your Daily Dose of Fun

Unique daily and evening real money slot tournaments offer guaranteed cash prizes to suit every taste. If you're looking to try your hand at daily slots tournaments you will not be disappointed, in fact you could be handsomely rewarded. For a little entrance fee in one of their unique tournaments you stand a chance to take home a piece of the real money prize pool. Don't let the low fee fool you, the excitement of these regular evening slots is unparalleled when you discover each nights' featured slots games: with offerings like Cleopatra Slots, 5 Reel Wheel of Chance Slots, The Reel Deal Slots, BasketBull Slots, Coat of Arms Slots, Coyote Cash Slots, Crystal Waters slots, Enchanted Garden Slots, Hockey Hero Slots, Texan Tycoon Slots, T-Rex, Cleopatra's Gold just to name a few, every evening is an event unto itself.

As always, the competition is what makes these online slots tournaments so exciting, but certainly the cash prizes are what keeps bringing players back for more and more. Just like with the evening slots tournaments, every day features a different and more visually stunning slots game, from BasketBull to Jazz Time the variety of game offerings is breathtaking.

Crazy Slots Weekly Tournaments – Where the Big Money is At

The daily excitement of Slots Tournaments at Casino Win Palace gives a healthy taste of what you can expect from the Weekly real money slot tournaments with guaranteed cash prizes. Only Casino Win Palace allows you to compete in one of the most mysterious and enchanting slots games.

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