3 Hit Pay Slots

In one of the interesting slots I have reviewed, 3 Hit Pay Slots is designed so that if you bet 1, 2, or 3 coins, the corresponding pay table is available at the top and right side of the slot machine. This is very different from pay tables that show all bets, regardless of the coin size. This is most refreshing, and the slot itself is full of color and classic symbols. This is such a cool slot that anyone can play, and it is especially great for new online slot players.

About the Game

What is even more special about this game is that although the three pay tables are shown on the slot, you can also access the one-page pay table itself. It is here that you will find the jackpot worth 10,800 coins if you get those 3 Hot 7s, along with the rules of the game. Here’s what the rules state: Only the highest win per line is paid. Wins are not multiplied by bet per line. To form a winning combination, the symbols must be placed in the positions described in the pay table, except for “any Cherry” which can be anywhere on a line. The slot calls for 3 coins max, and the max bet is $9 per spin. Each of the pay tables atop or to the side of the slot will represent 1, 2, or 3 coins bet. This is so that you can view your wins according to the payouts in the pay table. There is an Auto Spin button you can use at any time.

Playing the Game

This classic slot game is very easy to play, even more so that the coin bets have their own pay tables. Displaying such symbols as you would find in any true classic slot, the jackpot of 10,800 coins can only be won if you get 7 Fire symbols with a max bet of 3 coins or $9.


Among all of the classic slots I have played and reviewed, 3 Hit Pay Slots is the best designed slot I’ve seen. I highly recommend you play this slot game at our participating casinos.