Most Reputable Online USA Friendly Casinos

Anyone just getting into the online gaming world will want to find the most reputable online casinos. This is only natural; internet scams are a real phenomenon, and savvy gamers will look for ways to avoid being taken for a ride. Fortunately, good online casinos are not hard to find, and all have certain points in common.

To start with, most reputable online casinos, such as Bovada Casino, Miami Club Casino, Club USA Casino, or new Liberty Slots Casino, will post, clearly and visibly, their policies for financial transactions. These policies will include use of a secure server, well-defined time frames for withdrawal transactions, and clear statements of wager requirements for winnings.

In addition, the better online casinos will also offer high levels of customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via phone or email. This is an easy feature to check; simply contact the casino of your choice, track how long it takes for your phone call or email to be answered, and monitor the quality of the reply. You will be amazed how different online casinos when it comes to service. Most reputable casinos will have no problem explaining, clearly and quickly, any of their policies.

You should check the games online casinos providing to make sure your favorite games are in there. Basically the games availability dependent on the casino games provider such as Wager Gaming Technology, Microgaming ( Wild Jack Casino ) or Real Time Gaming ( Silver Oak Casino ). The graphics is very too. Some of the games are great, others .... you may play...

Finally, safe online casinos will make their payout reviews available to the gaming public. Ideally, these reviews are carried out by uninterested third parties, such as accounting firms, and are comprehensive in nature. They will compare the casino's payout records with those of closely monitored land-based casinos, and with the "odds books", and will show how closely the online casino adheres to a truly random outcome. It does not mean however that online casinos that are not monitored by the third party observers are definitely bad or unfair. Bovada Casino for example is a great place to play, but they are not independently monitored.

Probably the best way to choose the right online casino for you is to read a lot, get impressed, define the limited number of the casinos that you like and then just give it a chance. If you are serious about gambling you see the differences soon.

Are Most Online Casinos Reputable?

This is just one of the any questions players ask, regardless if they are new to online gambling or seasoned players. I will attempt to answer this question as well as pose questions of my own.

Is it Safe?

After reviewing hundreds of casinos over the last nine years, my immediate answer is yes. It is safe to play at online casinos. However, there are specific things to look for. If you join a casino that has had a long reputation; is licensed; has superb support; and offers plenty of promotions, bonuses, no deposit bonuses, top software providers; and banking that allows players to fund their accounts without going through hoops - these types of casinos are safe.

Is the Casino Licensed?

One of the first things I look for when reviewing a casino is their licensing. While the most reputable casinos are licensed, others are merely copyrighted. The problem here is that even those that are copyrighted have been around for some time, making them worthy of a player's membership. But joining a licensed casino can assure players that the casino brings to the forum more credibility than one that is merely copyrighted.

What Jurisdictions Are the Best for Licensing Online Casinos?

There seems to be a debate on this question. I quote: "Since all jurisdictions differ in their requirements towards online gambling providers they are not equal. Simply put some are stricter and better than others. License shows us that under what regulations the casino is operating and more importantly what responsibility the licensing authority takes in a possible dispute between the player and the casino." According to this reliable source, gambling licenses from Belize, Costa Rica and Panama are the weakest. These are the jurisdictions where it's quite easy to get a gambling license as authorities are not really interested in who requests a license as long as the license fees are paid. These jurisdictions do not investigate on player disputes at all and offer no guarantees to players and in case of any problems players have to take matters in their own hands. That does not necessarily mean that any casino with such a license will not help you with your problems, it just means that if they are not willing to help you, there's not much you can do and you're all by yourself to deal with them."

What are the most Adequate Online Casino Licenses?

These would include Malta, Gibraltar, Kahnawake, Curacao, Antigua and Barbuda. This is due to the fact that they do keep closer supervision of their licensees. In addition, for these jurisdictions to obtain licenses, they have to protect the player as well the operator.

What Are the Safest Online Casino Licenses?

These licenses would be from Alderney, Isle of Man, and the UK. The reason for this is that it is not so easy to obtain licenses from these jurisdictions and the operators of these casinos are thoroughly scrutinized.

Here is Where I Question the Authenticity of an Online Casino

The Licensing information is usually located at the bottom of the casino's main page. If it's not there, then I would have to look further into the casinos pages (which I always check anyway). If I can't find the information, then I do make a note of it in the review. Moreover, I always provide players that the online casino is either licensed by or copyrighted. Another problem I do find is that sometimes the information on the main page does not match the information in the About Us or Terms and Conditions section. That is a red flag for me as well. Therefore, if you look to locate the online casino's license, which I do by going to one of the best resources online, I will include that information in my review. Also note, however, that there are online casinos that do give out erroneous information; but you can easily check this out. How?, who is the most reputable and reliable casino site for finding reviews on all casinos both for US and non-US players should be your first stop. They keep their information updated, and include all facets of online gaming from A to Z.

The Best Method of Determining the Safety of an Online Casino

Another factor that allows me to consider an online casino not only the best but the safest is its longevity. All online casinos have their launch dates shown at the bottom of the main page. Regarding the age of the casino, I check that as well. Moreover, there have been a burst of new online casinos for US players that I have highly recommended, regardless of the fact that they are less than a year old. My predictions about these casinos have been better than 90% in this regard.

Review Sites to Avoid

I have noticed that many casino review sites are not up to date. I would check their date at the bottom of the page first. I found one site that claimed that a specific software provider pulled out of the US. This is false information. You may also find that many review sites have incorrect information as it pertains to the casinos. Stay clear of them, too. While some review sites favor one casino over another (it is because they may receive a commission from the casino).

Customer Support Services

Perhaps the major pet peeve that players discuss is the customer support services of online casinos. Their blogs indicate that these casinos do not pay on time or not at all. If the information they are giving you sounds a bit off, I would go directly to the casino site and check it out on your own. My experience with the top online US casinos is just the opposite. They have superb support services and are always available to answer questions from players. Moreover, we are seeing a large and more informative FAQ section, especially when it comes to Bitcoin funding.

What Makes a Great Support Team?

"A good support makes it fast and easy for you to handle all possibly arising issues, like deposits and withdrawals or bonus and free spin promo matters. Ideally, they are friendly, helpful and competent." To truly test the quality of a support service at any particular operator is the first time you have a problem. Try them out and see how well customer support services treats you, and make your decision to join based on their quick and reliable responses.

Banking Matters

One of the latest banking methods you will find at most of the top online casinos for US players is Bitcoin. Before joining, I would check their terms and conditions for this method and also speak to a customer support representative if you are using Bitcoin for the first time. Also note that many of these top online casinos offer tutorials on how to obtain Bitcoins and how to fund your account which is critical for players who are using Bitcoins for the first time.

Know the Rules of the Game

I always recommend to players to play a slot game, for example, in the Demo mode. This way the player can see if they like the game or not. Then they can go on to play for real money. I also recommend to players that they bet the max. This is the only way you can garner high payouts while playing any slot game. However, depending upon one's budget, this may not be possible. Therefore I recommend you start with the smallest coin value and work your way up. I also recommend that the player read the pay table before playing any slot game. It is important to know the rules of the game so that you are fully engaged. More importantly, many of our top online casinos offer Instant Play/Flash which means you can play any game for fun. Use this option before joining any online casino.

Bonuses and Promotions

Always, always read the terms and conditions of the bonuses and promotions offered. While the welcome bonus may seem unbelievable, there are restrictions that are placed on these bonuses such as playthroughs and a maximum amount you can win. If you read a review that gives you a bonus code for a particular casino, it is not the casino's code but the review site's code.


Playing at online casinos, especially those that recommends, is the best way to truly enjoy game play. In addition, they also review all slot games, provide you with the latest bonuses and promotions, and even rate the casinos and slot games as well. One more thing you should be aware of. When I write a review, it is a true review. If the casino does not live up to the criteria I believe the players are looking for, I will say so. If the casino is unique in all that it offers to players, I will say that as well. I tell it like it is. The more you know; the more you will enjoy playing at online casinos.