Online Gambling

There are many myths that surround online gambling, with the biggest two of those being that online casinos are in some way fixed, and secondly that even if you do manage to win then the casino will not pay you. There are many others of course such as they do not offer a safe online environment and that online gambling is in fact illegal...none of this is true. As in every single industry in the world you will get rogue traders, and we’ve all read stories regarding bad plumbers, bad builders and rogue car mechanics who fix things that aren’t broken and as so, there are bad online casinos, the good thing is however is that they get found out quickly, word spreads online very fast and they disappear as fast as they came.

Online Casinos are not Fixed and They do Pay!

Firstly, online casinos are not fixed and they work and make money in exactly the same way as a land based casino. Every single casino game has a house edge, or a house advantage that is mathematically built into the game. This is no hidden secret, casinos will tell you what their house edge is on each game, slots will display their payout ratio percentage, and the internet is awash with strategy articles that explain the house advantage and how to beat it. The simple fact is that as soon as you begin playing a casino game the house has the upper hand and does not need to cheat, the odds are in their favor, and everybody knows this. Part of the thrill of every casino game is trying to beat the house edge, and the house edge is and always has been integral to playing and enjoying casino games, online and off.

People do beat the house edge, and when they do they do indeed receive their winnings. What kind of publicity would a casino garner should it consistently not pay its customers? Remember that there are many online casino forums and places where people can go to have their say, and should a casino not pay its players they would not be doing business for long. Paying players and maintaining the player casino relationship is of the utmost importance to the casino, the casino simply would not survive without that relationship.

The Legality and Security of Online Casinos

The myth that online casinos are illegal, is exactly that, a myth. There is absolutely no law against a US resident playing in an online casino. The laws that are in place are in relation to offshore financial transactions and do not mention US citizens, however these laws are very often misinterpreted leading many to believe that online casinos are illegal, and that is simply incorrect.

Your online security is of paramount importance to both you and to the online casino. What possible good can it bring to the casino should their security measures not be up to scratch? With online security being a constant news item and online casinos doing 100% of their business online then it is of extreme importance to them. Also, it needs to be taken into consideration that many internationally known payment processors do business with online casinos, and they need the casino to prove its security also. There is of no benefit to the casino at all to be insecure, they gain absolutely nothing from being anything less than 100% secure with your personal information.

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