Best Casino Offers

What Attracts Players to Online Casinos? One of the things that attract players to online casinos is the promotions offered. As you can see from our table below, many online casinos offer a wide range of welcome bonuses and promotions; some more prominent than others. Ultimately, however, it is the online player's discretion as to what type of online casino he or she wants to join based not just on promotions, but the overall quality of the casino, i.e., number and types of casino games, customer support, and payment methods.

Types of Promotions

Many of our featured casinos have different types of promotions. While some may offer a substantial welcome bonus, it is followed by less than stellar promotions. But there is one exception: Silver Oak Casino not only offers one of the highest welcome bonuses, but backs it up with many lucrative promotions as well. Conversely, Drake Casino offers half the welcome bonus than Silver Oak, but its 3D games are superb. Therefore, choosing an online casino for its promotions can be subjective, especially when a player finds that the games offered are far superior to the promotions. In the case of Drake Casino, their 3D games far surpass other online casinos even though their welcome bonus and promotions may be considered okay.

Choosing an Online Casino for its Promotions

When you look at the list of our recommended online casinos, choosing one that meets your expectations is not that difficult as there is a wide range of variables. Whether you prefer certain types of games that can be played in flash as opposed to downloading; whether the casino offers payment methods that allows for easy funding by US players; or whether the casino's customer support is far superior to other online casinos - it is your decision based on your needs and budget to choose a casino that best fulfills your online game play. Thus, our list of recommended casinos and their promotions will ultimately assist you in making that choice.

So Many Great Different Bonuses and Promotions

The very best US online casinos will provide you with a stunning selection of great bonuses and promotions right from the moment you open your new casino account. Your first casino bonus will be one of two things, either a great no deposit bonus or a deposit welcome bonus, with the no deposit deal meaning that you'll get cash into your account simply for signing up, and the deposit welcome deal requiring that you make a deposit to receive the percentage on top, a percentage that is usually a minimum of 100%, and usually much more.

These welcome deals, both deposit and non deposit, are available when you sign up and play either on your home PC or your iOS or Android mobile device, and it may well be that case that you'll be provided with a package deal that delivers bonuses on multiple deposits, and occasionally these types of deals will also include slots freespins, or possibly cashback too, with each US casino serving up something different. The welcome bonus will be just the first you will receive, and once you've enjoyed that offer then you'll find plenty more will come your way, and there will be a varied bonus selection available.

New Slots Bonuses and Freespins

The best US casinos will launch new slots regularly, with most of them serving up a new slots experience each month and the action is always available for PC and mobile play. It's almost always the case that when a new mobile, flash or free download slot arrives that a fantastic new slots bonus accompanies it, very often with a great freespins deal thrown in too, providing free new slots cash, and free spins of the reels in one neat bonus package.

We have noticed a new trend regarding welcome bonuses at most online casinos. Not only are they offering welcome bonuses, but they are adding to these bonuses Free Spins. This is something brand new and quite exciting for our online players from the US. Free Spins used to be part of the bonus feature for most slot games. Now, you will have the opportunity to receive free spins on specific slot games in addition to the free spins included in the welcome bonuses. Again, this is a new strategy to attract players to online casinos. And it's working!

Reload and Match Deposit Bonuses

Your new casino welcome bonus is just one type of deposit bonus that you'll be provided with and all good US online casinos will provide plenty of fantastic match deposit and slots reload bonuses. These will come your way via the regular casino communications and will often be advertised on site too, and occasionally just like new slots bonuses, they'll come with freespins added. Reload and match deposit bonuses are the backbone of many good casinos online and are by far the most common types of bonuses you'll receive, providing endless free bonus cash as and when you want it.

Cashback Deals

Slots cashback deals are a different kind of slots promotion and one that many casinos provide. A cashback deal is quite simply just back into your account after a period of losses, and many players think of these as a different kind of no deposit bonus. The best casinos offer quite large percentage amounts back and the cash is placed directly back into your account on a specified day of the week, or if it's a one time cashback deal then you may need to contact support or use a coupon code to get your cash, and many players enjoy this type of promo.

No Deposit Bonuses

You may have noticed of late that online casinos for US players and other online casinos have increased their No Deposit Bonuses substantially. In this competitive online world, it seems only appropriate that these casinos are vying for your attention. What better way to do so is to increase the No Deposit Bonuses, thereby increasing membership? No deposit bonuses allow new players to test the games, either playing for fun or for real money. Using the no deposit bonuses allow thee players to immediately play for real money, regardless of what the game is. These no deposit bonuses are important to new players. But Flash Play is also important because at most of the online casinos, you do not need to wager anything, nor do you have to sign up in order to test the games. Therefore the no deposit bonuses are merely the icing on the proverbial cake.

Bitcoin Bonuses

With the huge wave of new Bitcoin casinos and casinos that have added Bitcoins to their payment method, these casinos are now offering special Bitcoin casino bonuses to attract more members to their casinos. By our count, the majority of our top online casinos have added Bitcoin, and we are also seeing new online casinos that are exclusively Bitcoin. This bodes well for our US players who will have an easier time to fund their accounts with any worries. This is also great news for our global players as well. Bitcoin is now being utilized worldwide, and despite the more than 1000 crypto currencies that are out there, Bitcoin still reigns number one. Another benefit derived from Bitcoin Bonuses is that the casinos offer you information on how to purchase the Bitcoins as well as how to fund your account. This is very important because there are so many online exchanges that offer Bitcoins, however, we don't know how legit they are. Therefore, if the online casino offering Bitcoin bonuses is providing you with the means to purchase them, then we suggest you stick with the casino you are funding.

Monthly Promotions and Giveaways

Most slots promotions are based on cash, after all that's what many players spin the reels of their favorite slots for, however many casinos like to mix things up and will provide slots promotions and competitions that offer something a little different. You'll see promos and slots competitions that offer prizes such as electrical goods, holidays and even sports memorabilia and although many players prefer the cash boosts, these kind of promotions add something different to the cash deals.

Free Slots Tournaments

There are many great US online casinos that provide you with slots tournaments and each of them will also provide free slots tournaments, and while these are not entirely classed as slots promotions, they do allow you to spin the reels of real money slots without making a deposit and provide cash prizes, and are therefore worthy of a mention. Free slots tournaments are a superb way of enjoying great slots competition without making a deposit and with daily, weekly and monthly freerolls all available in the best casinos, they're a type of deal that many US players really do enjoy getting themselves involved in.