Real Time Gaming

Real Time Gaming or RTG as they are also known, are a leading US online casino games and software development company. They provide the online slots, the table games and the administration software that power many of the very best US online casinos and make it possible for real money online casino games players to experience the thrills that quality online casino entertainment offers. Right here you’ll find a selection of what we consider to be the very best of those RTG casinos, those that deliver outstanding customer support, a wide range of casino bonus offers that extend way beyond a great welcome bonus, and of course those that provide suitable US banking methods. It’s not only a huge selection of quality online slots and realistic table games that makes a great RTG casino, but those little extras that add so much more to your overall online casino experience.

Top RTG Casinos

If you take a look at the RTG Casinos listed below, you have to be in awe by the fact that when everyone else left the US due to the ambiguous UIGEA Law, RTG remained. This, along with the fact that every month a new RTG Casino is launched, provides a wealth of new and exciting gaming experiences for our online players from the US. We are thankful to RTG for staying the course and continuing to offer superb online casinos for our players.

Best RTG Mobile Casinos

The very best RTG casinos will now also provide players with a fully optimized mobile casino too, adding yet another way to enjoy the fantastic selection of RTG slots and games. All RTG mobile casinos are 100% optimized for iOS iPad and iPhone, and Android smartphones and tablets, and will provide a superb selection of some of the very best mobile slots to be found. You’ll also find a fully functional safe and secure mobile casino cashier that allows you to deposit and cashout on your mobile device and all of those fantastic RTG slots bonuses that you’re provided with in the flash and free casino downloads are also valid for use in the mobile casino. Playing and enjoying mobile casino slots is now huge with US players and RTG casinos lead the way in providing the very best mobile casino experiences.

New RTG Slots

It seems that every week we are reviewing a new slot game from RTG. This is in keeping with their commitment to US players that releasing new slots will attract them to the myriad of RTG Casinos on our list. More and more of these slots have provided fabulous themes, have lucrative value, and the designs and implementations of these slot games have surpassed even what we thought was possible. Hundreds of new RTG slots have been released, and we know that hundreds more will be launched offering new and exciting game play.

RTG Bitcoin Casinos

We have been reviewing and/or writing about Bitcoin since it first appeared on the casino scene. If you’ve read the reviews of our online casinos, or other Bitcoin related news, you will note that RTG has embraced Bitcoin as the top banking method for US players and players abroad. Bitcoin has truly revolutionized payment methods worldwide. This cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, and has enabled online players to effortlessly fund their casino accounts, making it all the more easier to join the online casinos they want to join. In addition, with more than 1000 cryptocurrencies in existence today, we are confident that Bitcoin will remain the top choice among our online players.

RTG Live Dealer Casinos

When reviewing online casinos, we go over the site with a fine tooth comb. This gives our players the insight they need to decide which casino they wish to join. In recent months, we have reviewed and discussed RTG Live Dealer Casinos. These casinos basically have table games that players can partake in. What is even more important about the RTG Live Dealer Casinos is they are offering what is known as Provably Fair Blackjack. If you’ve read our reviews, we have explained in depth what this term means. Therefore, we would like to list those RTG casinos that do offer provably fair Blackjack, as it is part and parcel of what makes RTG Live Dealer Casinos so appealing.

RTG Bonuses & Promotions

Most online players look for the best bonuses from online casinos. It only makes sense that they do. But when it comes to getting the best bonuses, they look to RTG casinos to determine who offers not only the best bonuses, but promotions as well. To this end we are listing below the best RTG bonuses from the top RTG Casinos. This will make it much easier for our players to go directly to these casinos and peruse the sites in order to make a decision on who to join. Not all RTG Bonuses are the same. Some are better than others. Therefore, we endeavor to guide you through the top RTG bonuses that are in your best interest.

RTG No Deposit Bonuses Increase

As a way of introducing a particular RTG casino, we always include their welcome bonus and promotions in general, and their deposit bonuses in particular. The reason for this is that with the deposit bonuses from RTG, you can test out the games on the casino’s dime. Subsequently, if you love the games you will join. It should be noted here that the no deposit bonuses at RTG casinos have increased substantially. Because competition among RTG casinos is growing, more and more RTG deposit bonuses have increased, thereby attracting online players from the US to at least take the no deposit bonus, play the games, and join. Therefore, we would like to list the top RTG no deposit bonuses offered today so that you can visit and decide if a particular RTG casino meets your expectations.

RTG Theme-Based Slots

Perhaps no other brand offers more theme-based slots that RTG. These themes are derived from every genre including TV shows, movies, and the like. In recent months, we have seen a rise in the number of theme-based slots from A to Z. Whether the slots are about pets, fruits, gems, lifestyles, animals, ancient Egypt, Aztec and Asian cultures, or fairy tales; RTG has run the gamut of themes to entertain online players. This is not only a good thing, but a necessary one. Even some of the more popular theme-based slots have evolved into sequels. But perhaps the most popular theme-based slots evolve around Cleopatra; whether she is the main character of the slot, or simply makes an appearance. To this end, we would like to list below the bevy of RTG theme-based slots that exist today.

RTG Casinos for US Players

When reviewing an RTG casino, it should be noted that not all of them are available to US players. We would estimate that perhaps 98% are, and the rest are devoted to global players. For us, however, it is important to review all RTG casinos regardless that can access them. For our US players, as we have often stated over and over, RTG stood their ground while the rest took off. So it is fitting that we have listed below the Casinos that utilize Real Time Gaming for US players. 2017 was a banner year for RTG. We have seen more RTG casinos launched than ever before, and we are sure that we will review hundreds more in the coming years. RTG’s casinos for US players has been a solid commitment to entertain, provide exciting games, and to offer bonuses and promotions that will make playing at RTG casinos one of the best experiences ever.

Best RTG Casinos for Australian Players

You may have noticed recently that we have been reviewing many RTG casinos for Australian Players. Some of them are absolutely outstanding, and we wanted to broaden our scope of RTG casinos for all players, not just US players. Therefore, we are listing below the best RTG Casinos for our Aussie friends. These casinos offer bonuses and promotions, and the games are just as fabulous as ever. We are very pleased that Australia has begun to provide their online players with new and exciting RTG casinos.

RTG Casinos for South African Players

Another country that has come into the limelight is South Africa. Here too, we have taken the leap and reviewed some of the best RTG casinos for South African Players. You would be quite surprised at the attention and implementation these RTG casinos have given to their players, and we feel it is only fair to include these casinos into our RTG portfolio of casinos, so to speak. Listed below are the best RTG casinos for South African Players.

RTG Slot Tournaments

Perhaps the one area where we have seen immense progress is in the RTG tournaments. Competing against other online players is just one form of full engagement, but the other is having the opportunity to do so. These tournaments are lucrative, offering daily, weekly, and monthly slots, blackjack and/or other games that online players enjoy. But it is the Slot Tournaments that effectively draw online players to RTG casinos. So it is only appropriate that we list the RTG Slot tournaments you can enter at our RTG Casinos.

RTG Holiday Promotions

After having just come off the Christmas Holidays, we are in a new year and a new time to enjoy RTG’s Holiday bonuses. These bonuses are conducted throughout the year. Even the monthly tournaments at RTG casinos are comprised of holiday slots. Every single holiday in the US is approached in the same manner. RTG casinos offer special promotions for these holidays and, in some cases, special bonuses as well. While online players look to casinos for the best bonuses, promotions, and games; it is the holidays that allow RTG casinos to offer the most unique promotions of all. For example, let’s start off the year with Valentine’s Day, followed by St. Patrick’s Day, and so on. You get the picture. We invite you to look at our list of Holiday Promotions from RTG casinos and you’ll agree that they are among the best in the industry.

RTG Loyalty Programs

One of the things this writer has notices is that RTG Loyalty Programs come in all shapes and sizes. One Loyalty Program may consist of accumulating Comp Points that are rewarded with cash put directly into your account. Other Loyalty Programs can mimic VIP Rewards Programs that involve tiers. The higher you climb the tier ladder, the more bonuses you receive. And there are those Loyalty Programs that will give you Bitcoins. The purpose of these Loyalty programs is to keep members of a particular RTG casino as committed to the casino as the casino is committed to them. We would like to share with you the different types of Loyalty Programs provided by our RTG casinos. Some are unique, some are familiar, and some go the extra mile to ensure you are treated as a VIP member.

RTG News

If you’ve been keeping up with our Latest News, you will note that RTG has a lot going on these days. Whether it is about new online casinos, new slot games, new payment methods, and the like. We bring this news as it happens so that our players are kept informed at all times. The news has run the gamut from A to Z, and we will continue to bring you the latest happenings from any and all RTG casinos. Perhaps the most popular news item today is about Bitcoin.