PCs vs. Mobile Devices

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When the first online casino went mobile, it was then that most people realized that mobile devices would eventually replace PCs. While this is a known fact, it is not unusual to learn that players are switching from personal computers to mobile phones and tablets. While instant communication that can be implemented anywhere anytime is the key to mobile devices, it is no wonder that casino gaming has almost completely taken over the mobile casino industry. Although there are still gamers who use their PCs to play online casino games, the percentage of mobile users has risen to 85% according to one study, and the percentage of PC users who play at online casinos has declined to 49%. According to further studies, the percentage of PCs gamers has fallen from 15% to 6% this year alone.

Online Gamers Still Prefer PCs

There are still those who prefer to play at online casinos on their PCs. Stats show that PC players will engage in online casino gaming for a little over an hour per session and will spend about $80 per month. Mobile players, on the other hand, will spend under an hour on their mobile devices and spend approximately $40 a month on mobile games. Slot games are still widely played on PCs and players will spend more money on slot games, while it is reported that mobile players will not play as long as PC players and spend less money on slot games.

The Future of PCs and Online Gaming

While it is true that mobile players have grown in size and number, PC players are still fully engaged in online casino play, and will continue to do so unless and until PCs are no longer a viable option.