$5 Minimum Deposit Casino and Poker

10 Cents a Dance vs. $5 Minimum Casino Deposits. The music was written by Richard Rodgers, with lyrics by Lorenz Hart. The song was published in 1930. What does this have to do with $5 online casino deposits? If you remember the lyrics to the song, the leap isn't that far from where we were to where we are. After all, we do have penny slots at some of the major online casinos. But the ability to join a casino for just a minimum of $5 is quite astounding given the competitiveness of these online casinos, especially in the area of Poker games.

Deposit a Minimum of $5 Online for Poker Play

You may think this $5 casino minimum is a joke, but it's not. The marketing geniuses who came up with idea know their stuff. They know how to get poker players to their online casinos using the $5 minimum deposit. Now imagine if you will that all casinos utilized this same tactic to bring in players for regular casino games. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Would you join an Online Casino to Play Poker for $5?

Of course you would. Would you join an all games casino for a minimum deposit of $5? You betcha! So what's the difference? For one thing, online poker can be part of a casino or can be an all Poker site. If it is part of the casino, the deposit you make covers the entire casino, with poker included. However, if it is a poker site that only asks for a 5 dollar minimum deposit, you certainly won't turn that deal down.


Whether you paid 10 cents a dance, or made a $5 minimum deposit to play poker online - the former was the best deal, while the latter continues to be the best bargain in town.