Poker Bingo Cards at Bovada Poker

We have some great news about Bovada Poker ! You can now play Poker Bingo Cards and receive some exciting rewards in the bargain.

Giving You 10,000 Reasons to Shout…..

Is the new mantra at Bovada. Score up to $200 in bonuses and a grand prize of $10,000!

All you have to do is to enter from now until December 2; download the current week's Poker Bingo Card; complete the weekly line combination to earn $50 cash bonuses up to $200.

What is Poker Bingo?

It is an actual Bingo Card comprised of 25 boxes. To win the $10,000 prize, you need to blackout the entire card. Every blackout you make earns you an entry into the $10,000 Grand Prize draw. There are a maximum of 4 entries per player. The object of Poker Bingo is to play all poker hands and win with two pair or higher.

How Are the Boxes Filled?

Each box on the Poker Card reflects the type of game you need to win to fill in the box. These include: Get a Full House, Earn 40 Poker Points, Earn 50 Poker Points, Earn 10 Poker Points, Play in any Sit n Go, Earn 90 Poker Points, Play in any MTT, Earn 20 Poker Points, Earn 140 Poker Points, Get a Straight, Get Three of a Kind, Earn 110 Poker Points, Get a Flush, Make a Deposit, Earn 100 Poker Points, Earn 80 Poker Points, Get Two Pair, Earn 30 Poker Points, Earn 70 Poker Points, Convert Points to Tickets, Earn 120 Poker Points, Earn 60 Poker Points, Get a Blackjack, Play in 250 Cash Game Hands, and Earn 150 Poker Points.


Be sure to read the rules that are clearly explained at Bovada, and view the Poker Bingo Cards as well. There is an Enter Now button conveniently located at Bovada Poker so that you can enter and play immediately.

Play Poker Bingo Cards at Bovada

In one of the most unique and exciting new games to come to Bovada, we know all poker players will jump right in for the change to win $10,000!