Best Poker Apps

For most poker players, having many states legalize online poker was a boon for them. As most of you know, many online casinos that offer poker may also have implemented mobile apps as well. However, when joining an online casino, in most cases today you will more than likely find a mobile app or a QR code that you can scan. In other cases, you can join sites that have poker games and either join the main site or just go to the mobile app and download it for Poker. There have been cases in which some poker sites charge for the app. This is usually because there are ads embedded in the app. For those of you who are looking for the best Poker Apps online, we have a list for you to accommodate you without having to look for yourself or, in some cases, join a really bad poker site. Here then are the top 5 Best Poker Apps.


Perhaps the most well-known of all apps is the World Series of Poker. Their app is free and they also give players free chips as well. Enter tournaments worldwide with this free app.

WSOP for New Jersey

Once again, this app came about due to the recent legalization of online gambling in New Jersey. The only way you can obtain this app is to go directly to the site. This online app allows for real money play for tournaments and Sit & Go games. You can also play for fun using this app. Here, too, you can travel the world in a virtual entertainment mode to play in the WSOP Poker series.

888 Poker

Best known for its online casino, 888 Poker is widely known for having one of the best apps. However, just like WSOP, you would have to go directly to the site to get your mobile app. More importantly, 888 Poker accepts Bitcoins.

Poker Stars

Using this mobile app will garner you with a 100% deposit up to $600. Poker Stars has received many celebrity endorsements which makes it even better known to poker players.

News and Information for New Poker Players

Another featured app is one in which there are no games, but which allows new players to learn about the entire poker environment. PokerAtlas offers everything you need to know about the 600+ poker rooms located in the US.

What Can I Learn from PokerAtlas?

You can receive info on tournaments and schedules; entry fees; how many chips to begin with; prize pools; promotions; reviews from players; plus more. Moreover, since the legalization of online gambling in New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada; you can find online sites that will allow you to play poker and/or provide you with poker apps.