Bovada Mobile Betting

It has been forecast that PCs will become extinct in the not too distant future as more and more handheld devices are created. This bodes well for online players who have iPhones and iPads and who want to enjoy gaming on this new mode of communication. Bovada Mobile betting fits right as they have made it easy for you to bet sports on the go! We’ve already seen the emergence of 4G products in 2011, and it looks like the sky’s the limit as we start a new year. What better way to experience online betting that to have access to sports betting at Bovada SportsBook?

What Mobile Devices Are Compatible with Bovada Sportsbook?

Currently, you can use the iPhone 3 and higher as well as the Android. All you have to do is to join Bovada, fund your account, and place your bets on your smartphones. No download is required and the use of Bovado on smart phones is free. Even as we speak, Bovada online sportsbook is working on the implementation of making deposits, receiving payouts, placing parlay bets, and more. You’ll be able to enjoy Bovada sports book betting at its best when you join Bovada Sportsbook.

A “Smart” Way of Accessing Online Betting

Bovada mobile casino gambling US is the latest in an array of new applications that will allow players to access all forms of sports betting without having to use a computer. If you were gifted a new iPhone or iPad, now is your chance to use it at Bovada Sportsbook. This new way of placing mobile bets comes just in time before the Super Bowl, so join Bovada Sportsbook, fund your account, and access the application so that you will be ready to place your bet on any and all of the major sports events.

Make Bovada the First App on Your New iPhone 5

Apple’s iPhone 5 was and is a huge sellout, and what better way to enjoy your new iPhone than to get the Bovada App to bet on a variety of sports games. How do you begin? Easy! With an account at Bovada Sports, there are five easy steps need to place your bets:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your account number and/or email and password
  3. Select your sport of choice or in-play betting
  4. Choose a line and enter an amount
  5. Choose place wagers and then “yes” to confirm

Bovada Sportsbook Mobile App is FREE

Betting on your favorite sports team is FREE using the Bovada App. There is no download needed. And, there is more to come from Bovada Mobile Sportsbook! Right now, you have to call Bovada Customer Support to set up an account, or, if you have an account, you still need to call for deposits and payouts. But, Bovada is working on implementing deposits, withdrawals, and parlay bets that you can access directly from your iPhone, so stay in touch so that you can be the first to access these new methods.