Slot Machines - Games

There are many games of chance in the casino, and one is tempted to play blackjack online, or poker, and even playing keno can be alluring. When one thinks of gambling, however, it is the magical lure of the slot machine that first springs to mind. Many of those who visit casinos come strictly for the slot machines, and slot machines consistently generate the highest levels of revenue for most casino operators. It is easy to understand the appeal of the slot machine for both the casual and the seasoned gaming enthusiast. After all, unlike many others games of chance, there is no learning curve when it comes to playing the slots. You do not need to know the various rules of poker, blackjack and other card games. All you need to do is put in your coins or dollar bills, pull the lever of the one armed bandit and keep your fingers crossed. In addition to the appeal of a big jackpot, many modern slot machines are incorporating entertainment features, and many of these modern machines have the look and feel of video games. Many slot machines are even using scenes from popular movies and television shows to keep people playing, and some of the most frequently played slot machines at Atlantic City and Las Vegas are those based on famous Monty Python movies. Of course slot machines come in all denominations, from the vaunted penny slots to slot machines that accept only $5 or even $10 per play. In addition, the many progressive slots allow players to make multiple bets per line, and to enjoy greater winnings on a jackpot. Those expecting to feed their extra pennies into their favorite slot machine may be disappointed, however. Most penny slots actually require dollar bills or other paper currency to be inserted. Those paper dollars are then converted into the appropriate credits. Likewise, many wins these days are paid out in paper form, with the traditional clanking of coins happening only as a recording. These paper forms are then either turned in to a cashier, or fed into an ATM like machine which dispenses both currency and coin. While these technological innovations increase convenience, there was something magical about carrying those buckets full of quarters around the casino.