Jackpot Factory Group

The Jackpot Factory Group of Casinos is a group that has four casinos in it that are all considered excellent casinos for people to be a part of. The Jackpot Factory is basically a group that defines itself by the large jackpots that it seems able to give out on a regular basis and the casinos listed below are all proud members of the Jackpot Factory Group and indeed have been members of that group for a very long time now.

Jackpot Factory Casinos for players from USA

Please pay attention that Jackpot Factory Group does not include American online casinos as they used to. All Jackpot Factory casinos do not accept players from USA starting from November 10, 2008.

Here what Jackpot Factory representative have said: "Jackpot Factory has stopped receiving new players from the US by taking the following measures: Removed "United States" from the country drop-down list on the registration form Implemented IP monitoring on all new accounts – new US players will be blocked based on IP. These players could be white listed if the player can provide a proof that he doesn't resides in the US."

Well, all we can say is we are sorry for the American players. Canadian, Australian and European players are welcome to play as usual.

All Slots Casino

All Slots Casino £/$5,000.00 Welcome bonus! The welcome bonus that is offered by All Slots Casino has a lot going for it and since it happens to be easy to clear, it is one of the most attractive bonuses around. With all of the slots that you can choose from at all slots and the fact that most of those slot machines are original and very exciting to play, it is of no surprise whatsoever that so many people have enjoyed a large portion of their online gaming time over at All Slots Casino. It is simply one of the best casinos out there for the online gamer in you.

All Jackpots Casino

All Jackpots Casino - £/$ 200.00 Welcome Bonus! Unlike the All Slots Casino, the All Jackpots Casino does not have a welcome bonus that is really above average in terms of market conditions. The average casino bonus is in the $100 to $200 range, so All Jackpots is definitely towards the higher end of average in the welcome bonus that it gives its members. In addition to that desirable bonus, it also has a number of excellent jackpots available for people to win and usually what people find is that the total of all of the jackpots available at All Jackpots Casino at any given time is usually well over $5 million. That is a whopping number and one that pleases many people that play at All Jackpots Casino.

Wild Jack Casino

Wild Jack Casino - £/$ 3,000.00 Welcome Bonus! So the initial welcome bonus offered by Wild Jack Casino is not that great, but at the same time what you are going to find is that they make up for it in the ongoing promotions they offer you whenever you decide to play. For example, Wild Jack Casino offers an ongoing 10% bonus on every deposit that you make, so you would definitely be very hard-pressed to not make more in bonus money from Wild Jack than from many of the other casinos around. This combined with their investment in making games like blackjack, roulette and craps as fun online as they are offline has earned Wild Jack Casino the respect and in some cases the admiration of their peers.

First Web Casino

First Web Casino - £/$ 75.00 Welcome Bonus. The First Web Casino is not really a casino that is intended for the experienced gamer, but rather as the name implies it is intended for people that are getting into the game for the first time. If you want to know how a good online casino operates, then check out First Web Casino because they have one of the smoothest operations of any casino online today.