Mega Multi Hand Video Poker at Slot Madness Casino

The Mega Multi Hand variant of the casino classic Video Poker is the ultimate expression of video poker. RTG latest and greatest casino, Slot Madness, offers three variants of this terrific game.

The three variants of this great game at Slot Madness are as follows:

  1. Jacks or Better – This is the most basic version of video poker. Pairs of Jacks get the player’s bet back on the specific hand.
  2. Joker Poker – Two Jokers are in the deck for this version, and they serve as wildcards, making the winning combinations all the more frequent. This is a fun and wild version of this exciting game. Five of a kind wins 1000 coins and a natural Royal Flush gets 5000.
  3. Deuces Wild – All four deuces are wild in this great version of this game. With four wildcards in play, the winning combos are constant. In addition, a hand that includes all four deuces wins 1000 coins and a Royal Flush gets 4000.

The Basics

All of the Mega Multi Hand Poker games at Slot Madness adhere to the same basic order of play. First a single hand is dealt. The player then holds any cards that he or she chooses to – winning combinations that are dealt in the initial hand are held automatically, but may be released at the player’s discretion.

Then the “Draw” button is pressed and the cards that are not held are replaced. After the draw is done, the cards that have not been held are replaced in all of the hands being played – the player may play 10, 50 or 100 hands. Each hand is dealt off of a separate deck, so, in theory, 100 Aces of Spades could be dealt and multiple fours-of-a-kind of the same cards are possible.

Once the draw is complete, the winning hands are calculated and the winnings are paid, and it is time to play the next hand.

Because of the number of hands being played, the coin values on these games may be set as low as 1¢ or as high as 25¢. All bets are placed per hand, so the minimum bet when ten hands are being played is 10¢ per play. The maximum bet when 100 hands are being played is $25 per play.

Play Some Poker Tonight!

For Video Poker aficionados, these Mega Multi Hand Video Poker games are the ultimate online gaming entertainment. Get settled in your favorite game-station tonight and play a few hundred hands of Mega Multi Hand Poker now!