Penny Slots

Everyone loves slot machines! Why? Because it’s just you and the machine. And maybe you’ve won the jackpot. There are no dealers, no other players and no table. No one to distract you, or break your concentration. Slot machines are even more fun online than in a Vegas casino because you are free to gamble online at any time, as much as you want. You have full control. As slot games and machines use coins, it was inevitable that Penny slots would become popular. At just one penny a hit, everyone can afford to play. Why play for free, if you can enjoy the real game thrill for just a penny?

What are the best online penny slot games?

There are many online penny slot games and machines to choose from. The most exciting penny slot machines are:

At What Casinos Can I Play Online Penny Slots?

Penny slots can be played at any of the following online casinos

Note: All the casinos are US player friendly and allow residents of all US states.

How Can I Win at Penny Slots?

Playing penny slot machines is fun! They are the least risky way to have fun in a casino (whether online or land based) with minimal risk. Penny slots are a great way for casino players, especially those who are new to online casinos, to spend their time and get on the road to big winnings. When you want to play slots in an online casino there is a wide selection of different types of slots to choose from. Players can choose between progressive slots and one-line classic slots and many more. Slot machines are also available in a wide range of denominations; nickel, quarter, dollar and even five dollar slots. The latest slot machines feature bonus games where players can win more, play more and spend less!

Penny Slots Payouts

Penny slots games and machines have great payouts in comparison to table games, but less than more expensive slot bets like dollar or five dollar slots. Hoverer, penny slots payout percentage is less critical, because in any case there is less chance to loose or win big amount of money.

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