Slot Players

Even the casual visitor to a casino is likely to encounter many different types of slot players, from the excited high stakes player to the laid back penny slot player. This article focuses on some of the most common species of slot players. The first type of player is the aggressive player. If he or she was playing the stock market they would be the day traders. Aggressive slot players are not afraid to risk it all for the promise of a big payoff. It is for this type of player that the progressive slot payout was designed. Aggressive players are not afraid to play the maximum amount of coins for the promise of a big progressive jackpot. Five dollar slot machines are good example. Aggressive slot players either win big, or lose big; there is no in between.

The conservative player is the opposite of the aggressive player. It is the conservative player who can often be found at the low value machines, either the penny slots, the nickel slots or playing a coin at a time in the quarter machines. Conservative players tend to play more for the fun and excitement of the game than for a big payout. If they win a jackpot, it is a bonus; if not they will enjoy the game as long as it lasts.

In between these two extremes lies the average player. The average player does not want to risk everything for a potential jackpot, but he or she does not want to be too conservative either.

Probably the majority of slot players will fall somewhere in this middle ground. Slot machines are an exciting pastime for many casino visitors. While most visitors to the slot machines understand that the odds are solidly with the house, playing slots can be an exciting and fun way to spend a day, and the promise of the big payoff is always there, waiting for the right spin of the reels.