Online Slots Varieties

If you love to play slots, there are a myriad of online slots varieties available to you. Moreover, there are more casinos than ever before that cater to USA players. What are the different varieties of online slots?

Download and Play Slots Most online casinos offer you the opportunity to download and play slots as soon as you join. The casinos offering this option are considered among the top casinos online.
Jackpot Slots While the progressive slots have an unlimited payout, you can win just as big with the Jackpot Slots. The average jackpot is 10,000 coins, but there are some casinos that offer higher first jackpots along with a smaller secondary jackpot.
Penny to Dollar Slots There are so many online casinos that offer you the opportunity to bet from one cent to one dollar. The list is long, but the gaming experience is just as fabulous as those who play for higher stakes.
Bonus Video Progressive Slots With the latest Rival software, there are more opportunities to play bonus video progressive slots than ever before. The graphics and sounds are stunning, and the major casinos all offer I-Slots as their most popular slot game feature.
The Latest Online Slots Fortunately for slot players, online casinos add new slot games to their portfolio every month. In addition, once you download the software you will be given advance notice of all the new slots games available.
Million Dollar Slots If you want a chance at winning a million dollar jackpot, check out our list of slot games and casinos where good fortune awaits!
Slot Tournaments One of the most thrilling gaming experiences for slot players are the tournaments held by online casinos. Here is a list of on-going tournaments available to USA players.
Top Ten Casinos Why search the internet for hours reading about all the different online casinos. We will give link you to the top ten on our list of best casinos for USA players.
Most Popular Slots While you may enjoy selecting slot games through various online casinos, there are several slots that have drawn raves from gamblers worldwide.
Winning Combinations Here you will find a list of the highest winning combinations offered by the top online casino.
Themed Slots If you are a sports fan, golf enthusiast, or simply love movies, Broadway plays, and TV; there are plenty of themed slots available at online casinos.