Jackpot 101: Understanding Progressive Slot Games

When you sign up for an online gambling platform you'll be offered tons of slot options right off the bat, like classic slots and video slots. Some slots have jackpots, and some slots have progressive jackpots. If you aren't truly immersed in the online gambling world, you might not be informed on the difference between these slots, along with the primary difference between a regular jackpot and a progressive jackpot! Well, in this article we're going to explain what a progressive jackpot exactly is, along with their purpose.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

To put it in the simplest terms, a progressive jackpot is a prize that increases every time someone plays a slot game. The progressive jackpot will continue rising in value until it finally bursts and a lucky player walks home with a huge prize. Progressive jackpots are designed so a small percentage of every bet you place goes towards the jackpot. The progressive jackpot can be won randomly, or through a bonus game. The remarkable thing about progressive jackpots is usually the sheer size of these prizes, they're rarely small.

The Mechanics of a Progressive Jackpot

These jackpots operate in a special way as opposed to your average jackpot. These slots can be won randomly on any spin, most of the time. The longer the jackpot sits within a slot, the larger the value. Now, as you probably recall a progressive jackpot game will take a portion of every bet you wager and add it to the jackpot, and the sum of the jackpot is called a meter. The sum of the jackpot, aka the meter is usually taken from multiple slot games at the same time.

So many online casinos offer similar slots on different websites usually, because many sites pull from the same popular software developers like NetEnt, Pragmatic Play and others. Oftentimes this results in numerous sites offering the same game. That means the progressive jackpot is linked to the game on other sites. If multiple casinos offer the same game, which occurs frequently, then the jackpot will grow an immense amount. After the jackpot is claimed, it'll reset to a set value, sometimes referred to as 'seeding' Some progressive jackpots will still reseed to a ridiculously generous sum of money

How is a Winner of a Jackpot Decided?

Progressive jackpots are won similarly to any other game. After a single spin, a set of random numbers is chosen. If the algorithm is in your favor, and the correct random set of numbers is selected, the jackpot is triggered. It's as simple as that. While gambling is always about chance, odds and luck, there are ways to increase your chances of winning a progressive jackpot.

One of those ways is to play the maximum stake. Many online slot games with progressive jackpots will only allow you to win the jackpot if you play the top stake. That doesn't mean you have to be a high rolling, big spending gambling expert to win though. Usually these progressive jackpot slots come with numerous jackpot levels, so you can win a smaller jackpot instead if you play with a smaller stake.

Ways to Win a Progressive Jackpot

There are a few different ways to win a progressive jackpot, which will vary from game to game. For one, some games take the simple route and just award a jackpot randomly. These jackpots can be awarded after any spin and don't require you to play a special bonus game, or even hit certain symbols to land. The only requirement is usually that you have to bet the maximum wager to qualify.

Another way a progressive jackpot might award a payout is by landing a certain symbol combination. So, this is similar to how slot games work period and the jackpot is pretty much no different in this game. You'll need to line up a certain match of symbols on a qualifying pay line. For example, you might trigger the jackpot if you land five special symbols on the third pay line. If you land the correct winning combination, you'll collect the biggest jackpot. To find out how exactly to win the progressive jackpot, just go to the information tab, they'll list all the special features along with how to trigger them. They'll list information such as a game's RTP and whether a game is a medium, low or high volatility slot. More importantly, it'll list all special features and what each symbol combination is worth, and what it rewards. You can usually find information about the progressive jackpot under this tab. It's also helpful to look up the review of a slot game.

Another way a game will reward a bonus is by playing a bonus game. Many online slots feature special bonus rounds, which are triggered during the base game. This could include spinning a prize wheel which will decide how big or small the jackpot is. Other types of bonus games include picking cards from a selection of games. Usually with those games, you need to match three or four cards to win the corresponding jackpot. The bonus rounds will typically include graphics and sound effects that match the rest of the slot theme.

Understanding Random Number Generators

Most of gambling is based on RNGs, (random number generators) so it's important to have a fully comprehensive understanding of RNGs before you even begin your gambling journey. All of these video slots are run using RNGS, as they ensure fair play for every player. They ensure every spin is independent from the prior spin, and that there is no way for a slot game to be rigged to payout at a certain time. RNGs protect the integrity of gambling, and if you play on a reputable website most casinos ensure outside third parties regularly test their games for fairness and reliability.

That being said, progressive jackpots also work on random number generators. These will determine when a jackpot or bonus game is triggered. If a jackpot sits unclaimed for a long period of time, that doesn't necessarily mean it's due for a drop. On the other hand, if a jackpot was just paid out, it doesn't mean there's less of a chance you can't win a jackpot right afterward. The RNGs run everything and there is no rhyme or reason associated with when a jackpot is paid out.

Must Drop Jackpots

Keep your eyes out for must drop jackpots. Unlike the RNG jackpots I previously mentioned, these online progressive jackpots need to drop by a strict deadline, thus the number of players who rush to the jackpot close to the deadline obviously increases.

Closing Statements: The Size Of Progressive Jackpots

The reason this jackpot type is so sought after in the gambling world is because of how big a single prize can become over time. Sloits are high accessible, easy to play games that require little to no preparation to begin playing. In some ways, it's like a lottery except far more interactive. While trying to win the lottery, you can win smaller payouts, and you can pay a small amount per 'ticket' on a slot machine. The longer a jackpot goes unclaimed, sometimes the faster the jackpot increases. Some online progressive jackpots can be worth millions! Imagine, that you could win that simply by playing a game on your smartphone.