Bonus Breakdown: Different Types of Slot Game Bonuses

It's easy to love slot games. They're thematically diverse, and often encompass multiple bonus features and other special elements. Along with the fact slot games don't require large wagers, and they're easy to play, the bonus games, along with the jackpots a slot offers can be a motivating factor for many when it comes to choosing a specific slot. However, if you're new to slots and don't quite understand slot bonuses, this article is for you.

Slot games, which are sometimes referred to as mini games are simply extra gameplay features that can be used to maximize your win potential. Most of the time modern slots include bonus features, and some of the most common types of bonus features include picking bonuses, instant wins, pathway games, respins and free spins. These slot bonuses allow you to earn extra money at the casino, offering extended playtime as a chance to maximize your win potential. This also just makes your overall slot experience far more enjoyable. Both land based casinos and online casinos offer slots with in game bonus rounds.

Slot Bonus 101

Most of the time a bonus game is triggered when you land a specific combination of regular symbols. This usually occurs during the base game. Before you begin playing any single slot, you should review the slot's paytable. This can help you determine how easy or difficult it is to trigger the bonus round, along with informing yourself on what symbol combination triggers the bonus round. The information tab will also offer instructions on how to play the mini game itself along with the potential payout obtainable through the mini game. Every slot bonus game is a little different, but when reviewing a slot bonus game you should keep some of the following factors in mind.

One of these factors is the hit frequently. There are far too many slots with few bonus games, which can make playing the game itself a bit monotonous. If the bonus game doesn't hit often enough, the gameplay experience in general can be dry and boring. However, if a bonus round associated with a particular game is incredibly rewarding, that might motivate you to play a game where the bonus round isn't triggered as frequently. However, not every slot's bonus round triggers so infrequently. Most of them trigger frequently enough to keep gameplay exciting, while still supplying some excellent wins.

Considering your primary reason for playing the slot in the first place is to win money, you should ensure the slot's bonus rounds pay out well. Of course, with slot games how much you receive will often depend on how much you wager. This is why it's important to review the slot machines pay table to better understand how to actually maximize your gameplay. Slot games are also just pure, semi wholesome fun, so make sure you enjoy the theme of the slots, along with the graphics. You should also make sure you don't find the bonus round confusing or difficult to navigate. Some prefer very straightforward slots with a few simple bonus rounds, while others prefer more complicated mini games. This is why it's important to test multiple games and see what option works for you. If you find a good slot and use the right strategy on the game, your chances of both enjoying yourself and winning will be far higher than if you pick a game randomly and don't do any research.

Types of Slot Bonuses

Free spins bonuses are undoubtedly one of the most common rewards you'll encounter. This guarantees you a certain number of free spins at a certain stake. You won't automatically lose out on any money if you don't land a winning combination during the free spin, unlike a regular spin. The game will automatically play free spins for you, no effort is necessary. Some free spin rounds are a gateway to other bonuses. For example, in some free spin bonus games you can continuously stack bonus symbols or score additional free spins. Other slots with free spin bonuses will set a limit to how many free spins you can trigger.

There are also respin bonuses. Respin bonuses award you an extra spin at your current fixed stake for free. The difference between a free spin bonus and this kind of bonus is certain symbols on the game grid will stick in place, while others will respin. One of the common versions of this bonus is when you land three bonus symbols, which trigger a respin bonus and those three symbols will remain on the reel while the rest of the game grid respins. That way you can add additional bonus symbols to further accumulate more wins.

Pick Bonus

Sometimes this bonus is referred to as a pick me bonus, but regardless the general mechanics of the bonus will be the same. This is a mini game where you choose one or more objects to reveal an instant prize or a loss. Some pick me games award multipliers or special symbols that might increase your chances of landing another winning combination. For example, If you pick the right symbol, you could win 100 free spins or a 50x multiplier. Usually the pick bonus game is themed in a way that fits the reel. Usually, if you pick an object that doesn't offer a prize, you won't necessarily lose out on anything unless the rules specify that you are wagering a part of your prize to win a more lucrative prize.

Another type of bonus is an instant win bonus. This bonus feature is perhaps the most straightforward because most of the time all it requires is for you to land numerous bonus symbols. In doing so, you trigger an instant win and land bonus cash, such as a small or large jackpot. Some slots may offer a wheel based bonus. This is a bonus game where you need to spin a wheel to determine what your prize will actually be, then play for the chance to scoop the prize up. You usually play for the bonus wheel offer using some spinning special slots reel or by playing a mini game. Spin the wheel bonuses and instant wins are terribly different as most of them could result in simultaneous randomly decided wins.

Pathway games are a series of mini games rather than one single mini game. These games increase the amount of your prize, and if you lose at any point you'll return to the main game. However, if you manage to make it to the end of the virtual 'path' then you might win the biggest jackpot within the game!

Some special games will come with progress bars. These bars are usually located either along the side, at the bottom or the top of the grid. You will fill up the progress bar by collecting certain symbols, and if you fill the progress bar up entirely you could trigger a bonus feature, or activate a special gameplay feature. You could even win an instant prize.

Wilds Bonus

Surprisingly, there are so many different wild based bonus features or special features you can unlock simply by triggering the right combination of symbols. There are expanding wilds, which are oversized wild symbols. There are colossal symbols, and even exploding symbols. There are walking wilds, which are wilds that 'walk' across the streets. There's also a wild reel feature and sticky symbols, even stacked symbols. These bonuses can be difficult to understand if you don't research the game properly ahead of time, which is once again why you should always check out the information tab before you play.