Sex and the City Slot Machines Lure Women

When you put together a variety of videos, surround-sound, sparkles, and four bonus games with a spinning wheel, and four of the most well-known sexiest women in TV history, what you have is a slot machine to end all slot machines. In a recent expose, it was described how Sex and the City Slot Machines Lure Women and, by all accounts, it does. HBO and IGT came up with the idea to design a Sex and the City Slot Machine that would feature five progressive jackpots. All the glitz and glitter you enjoyed from the TV show is now a 9-foot tall slot machine that incorporates your favorite video clips from the TV series and not just a few video clips, but hundreds of them. This popular slot game is all the rage, with Mr. Big playing his part in this most alluring multi-play slot game. Available at land-based casinos in Las Vegas and Reno, it won’t be long before Sex and the City casino video slot games make their way to our online casinos. Reminisce about the lives of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha as you enjoy playing Sex and the City Slot Machines. But keep a look out because it may just come to an video slot casino near you! It may be at Bodog Casino or Slot Madness Casino. Either way, all our online casinos for real money are the best in the world and joining them will afford you fabulous welcome bonuses, promotions, and exciting slot games.

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