Bonus Video Progressive Slots

With the latest Rival software, there are more opportunities to play bonus video progressive slots than ever before. The graphics and sounds are stunning, and the major casinos all offer I-Slots as their most popular slot game feature.

Let's differentiate the difference between bonus slots, video slots, and progressive slots. Bonus slots offer bonus rounds or features. For example, while some slot games may have wild and scatter symbols; others may also incorporate free spins or "pick a box" type bonus round. Still others may have a "spinning wheel" to obtain additional coins in the bonus round. Video slots are the norm for online casinos today. There are many penny slots online along with high risk 5 dollar slots for the "heavy" players. And all this variety is video slots.

While most of the video slots are theme-based, others simply allow you to enjoy the experience of playing a highly advanced form of slot machines. Unlike traditional casinos where the reels spin, video slots displays the spinning reels in a more highly techno-advanced manner.

Progressive slots are probably the most fun to play because the jackpot is "progressive". This means that the more the slot game is played, the higher the ultimate jackpot becomes. This is the opposite of jackpot slots wherein you know what the jackpot is going to be. When all three are combined in a slot game - the sky's the limit!

Here are the online casinos that offer Bonus Video Progressive Slots:

I-Slots slot games can be found at Cocoa Casino and DaVInci's Casino, among others.