5G Technology and Online Gaming

Currently, our online casinos are in the 4G Technology mode. But because of the slowness of the games presented, action had to be taken, especially for the mobile game players. Thus, it was announced that 5G will become active in 2019 or 2022 at the latest. According to stats, 5G Technology will be 20 times faster that 4G, making online communication even faster than it is now. And it is that online instant communication that more people in general, and players in particular, want. This means that online casinos have to adopt this new technology, and we know they will. Just one online casino has to implement it and everyone else will follow. This will also have a great affect on mobile gaming as well. With smart phones, players will be experiencing the best kind of game play using 5G technology. The difference between 5G and 4G will be like night and day.

Advanced Technology

We have seen, thus far, how technology is affecting households. It seems that everything is “smart.” There is an ad on TV that truly expresses what we can see now and in the future. One click of a button can turn on lights, dispense food for a cat, turn on the coffee maker, open and shut the shutter on the window, and so on. We have also seen what Alexa and other similar technology can do in the home. So it makes sense that having 5G technology in the future will enable everyone to experience smart capabilities at an even faster pace.

Online Casinos

This 5G Tech will play an enormous role in for players who engage in online gambling. Also, given the fact that we will probably see the legalization of online gambling come to fruition in all US states, having this new technology is all the more important. But we need to update our infrastructure, that is, more towers need to be built so that online communication can be adopted.

What Will the Future Hold?

I suspect we will see 5G technology sooner rather later. The public demands it, and we as a nation have a right to have it. Other countries are far ahead of us in this area, and it is time we caught up. This will take on the urgency for the government and city legislatures to finally realize that this country has long been devoid of progress. It’s time to act.