3 Clowns Scratch

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Remember the song "Be a Clown?" Well all the world loves a clown and you will to when you play a brand the new 3 Clowns Scratch at our featured casino. It is a laugh out loud riot and if you love scratches, you will love playing this game. Unlike scratches you buy at your local vendor, 3 Clowns Scratches affords you the opportunity to bet from 25 cents to 20 dollars. Win and double your bet! And it's so easy, too!

How to Play

The 3 Clowns Scratch has nine boxes encased in a very colorful circus tent. To the left of the scratch is the win amount, and to the right of the scratch are the rules. Match three clowns in a row, in a column, or diagonally. At the bottom of the screen are your buttons: Bet, Win, Play/Scratch, Card Price, and Autoplay. To play 3 Clowns Scratch, choose how much you wish to wager then click on the Play/Scratch All button. If you match 3 clowns, you win! It's a fast paced game and all it requires you to do is bet and click. If course, you can scratch each box simply by clicking on it, but it's more fun to hit the Scratch Play button and let all the boxes automatically scratch out.

Play 3 Clowns Scratch

Having played 3 Clowns Scratch in Flash, we can tell you it is a great deal of fun especially when a bunch of balloons rise from the bottom of the screen signaling you've won! Play 3 Clowns Scratch at our featured Golden Palace Casino and as the song goes, "Be a clown, be a clown, all the world loves a clown!"