Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo

Continuing a year of innovation and expansion, Bovada Casino is very proud to announce the launch of its all new, entirely in-house developed, exclusive specialty game, Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo. Hot on the heels of Bovada Casino’s first lottery style game, Keno, and the launch of its mobile gaming platform, Bovada Mobile, Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo takes the traditionally popular U.K. style Hi-Lo game to a whole new level. To experience it for yourself, try Bovada Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo .

Simple, fun and full of bonuses, Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo kicks off by giving players three chances to select the best starting card possible. Once a player has selected their starting card, they’re given multiple options for betting on the value of the next card: lower, same, higher and even red or blue. Under each option is the potential win amount for that bet, and the higher the odds the bigger the potential payout. Each correct selection earns players a celestial bonus ranging from 1-25 percent depending how far into a round they are. Celestial bonuses are collected on the fifth, ninth, 14th and final cards. To aid its players, Bovada has even included a full odds table in Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo's help menu. On the fifth, ninth and 14th card, another special feature of Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo comes into effect and players are given the ability to once again shuffle their current card as many as three times.

Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo offers players simple, fast, fun and very interactive game play, and it was designed, developed and created entirely in-house and as such, available at Bovada Casino only. We expect it to quickly become one of Bovada Casino's most popular games.

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