New Mobile-Friendly Design at Intertops Sportsbook

Intertops Sportsbook is bound to do some brisk trade in the coming days, as more and more people make their selection for the Super Bowl. Of course, this isn’t the only sporting event you can bet money on at Intertops Sportsbook.

Recent news from this site concerns its complete re-design. This has focused on making the site mobile-friendly. Even if you access the site from a minimized window on a desktop, it will automatically adjust size to show clearly in the window you are using. The same applies with tablets or any other mobile device.

What does Intertops Sportsbook have to offer?

This website is very user-friendly – even more so than before. There are slide-out menus you can use to access everything you could need. If you are looking at betting options in a particular sport, just click on the A to Z option to go back to all the sports that are available. As you might guess, these are provided from A to Z, with American football at the top and volleyball at the bottom.

Each sport is broken down into different events too, which in some cases will be divided into countries or regions. Click on a particular event and you’ll be taken into the information and betting odds for different teams, people or outcomes, depending on what is most relevant.

The user-friendly mobile design is very appealing

It’s always frustrating when you visit an online casino or betting site that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly design. It may well affect their traffic, but it certainly affects your experience of being there in the first place.

The bet manager at Intertops Sportsbook has commented that their business is built on two things – service and customer satisfaction. This is probably why they went for the re-design in the first place, and we think the new design will definitely score very highly in the customer satisfaction department.

Check out Intertops Sportsbook now

If you have yet to visit this site, you should check it out now. With bets being taken for the upcoming Super Bowl, you could have a great time making your own wager. Additionally, as we have already found out, there are numerous other sports catered for. If you are keen to place a bet on a forthcoming sporting event, you will probably find it on Intertops Sportsbook. Make your bet now and see whether you get lucky!