Monopoly Snap

Jackpot Joy Casino has a very familiar board game that has been turned into a Bingo game that has fast become all the rage for online Bingo players! Monopoly Snap is both fun and exciting to play. Not only that, there are several ways in which you can win any of the four top prizes!

How to Play Monopoly Snap

You will be shown a screen wherein you will see 5 hands. You can buy from 1 to 5 hands for 20p by clicking on the hand shown. But, if you buy all 5 Monopoly Snap hands, you'll be given one of six tokens. These tokens are just like those you select playing the board game. These tokens are significant because when the game ends, Mr. Monopoly will draw a token from his top hat. If your token matches, you'll share the Token Bonus with the other players who have that token.

When the game begins, Monopoly cards will be drawn from a deck to the left of the hands shown. When a card drawn matches a property in your hand, the card in your hand is marked. In addition, if you match a set of properties, you can win 100 times your bet! Whoever matches all five properties wins the game. BUT, if you win by getting the first 5 cards to match yours, you will win the Community Chest jackpot! This jackpot is shared with all players, so even if you lose, you win!

Play Monopoly Snap Today!

Jackpot Joy Casino has taken the game Monopoly to a whole new level!