Spin with Friends: Top Multiplayer Slot Games

Have you ever heard of multiplayer slots? They're a social version of the online slot games you know and love. In this article, we're going to take a deep dive into multiplayer slots, exploring how they work and listing some of the best multiplayer slot games in the industry.

The Definition of a Multiplayer Slot

The multiplayer video slot is also known as the community video slot. These games allow up to six players to battle it out against the random number generator. For some slot players, they might be shocked this even exists. In the context of a regular slot game, it's usually a single player battling against the random number generator, which is a fair fight. The multiplayer aspect is involved once you enter into bonus rounds.

While playing these games, player-to-player chat will be enabled, allowing you to strategize and communicate with fellow gamblers. You and the community of like minded players assisting you on this journey can join together to beat the RNG. There is a leaderboard, which will display every players winnings, along with the number of spins it took to achieve those winnings. If one of the multiplayer slot users lands a bonus round, the whole accompanying team will also participate in the bonus round. This includes the jackpot.

Multiplayer slot games work similarly to regular RNG video slot games. The higher you bet, the more chances you have at landing generous wins with excellent payouts. This can be a huge number, depending on the slot. Thanks to community slot gambling, you and your co-spinners can work together to land the big prize. Before you take a community approach to slots, make sure to check out some beginner friendly guides related to the game and learn the basics beforehand.

The next question is what are the best multiplayer slots? Well, there aren't as many quality multiplayer slots as there are regular slots, however, there are still some entertaining, cutting edge game options for folks who want to share jackpots and up their chances of winning through a little teamwork. It should be noted many of these games are also available in a single player format.

House of Fun Multiplayer

This game is by the creators at Betsoft, and features an RTP of 94.96%. It's a medium volatility slot game. This game title sounds innocent enough, but expect more of a house of horror as opposed to a house of fun. This game comes with a dark and disturbing character design and is a game with 3D graphics, a plethora of bonus symbols, scatters and sticky wilds. There's even a 'pick an object' bonus round. If you like anything creepy, dark or disturbing, this is a great option for you.

Isis Slot Multiplayer

This game is from the studio Microgaming. It features an RTP of roughly 95.22% and is a medium volatility game, which means it produces wins on a semi regular basis. The maximum obtainable win while playing this game is a generous jackpot of 10,000x your bet. This is a classic eyptian themed slot, and this slot theme is well loved and highly popular. This multiplayer online slot game is bound to be a hit, centered around a powerful Egyptian goddess who embodies beauty along with all other things feminine and powerful. This game is played on five reels and Isis herself is the wild symbol. The hawk symbol triggers a free spin round, and this game also has a progressive jackpot, scatters, free spins and multipliers.

Wheel of Wealth Multiplayer

The next multiplayer slot on our list is also by Microgaming, unsurprisingly as Microgaming is one of the industry's oldest and most popular slot developers. The RTP for this particular game ranges around 96.04% and is a medium volatility game. You can land up to 5000x your bet while playing this slot. This slot is hugely popular in the realm of multiplayer slot machines. Thematically, they went with a classic fruit style mechanic. This game has a bonus game, along with multiplayer wilds and substitute symbols.

No Worries Multiplayer

This last game on our list is also by Microgaming. The RTP seems to be unknown but the volatility is medium, which means that you can expect semi regular wins that aren't too big or too small, but rather land somewhere in-between. This is an antipodean themed slot machine. While the theme itself is somewhat niche, No Worries proved to be an interesting addition to Microgaming's diverse and consistently growing catalogue. This is a revolutionary, risk taking slot that continues to break new ground every day. While playing this game, you can land up to 5000x your bet.

Multiplayer slots were another way online gambling platforms could add community to their platform. While gambling forums and such did foster a community in some ways, forming an in-game community was always a struggle til multi-player slots came along. The only other social casino option is the live casino section, where players can communicate with each other in the right atmosphere. Online gambling was once thought to be a solitary affair. It was a cliche to envision a Friday night where you decide to stay in and play some online slots rather than interact with others, but all of that has changed. Live casinos combined with multiplayer slots are bringing online gambling together, and with multiplayer slots in particular you all aid each other in beating the house.

Of course, there were some controversies tied to multiplayer slots that kept them from becoming as popular saw they should have. Operators were concerned about transferring funds between players and the possibility of illicit transactions. After all, money laundering is something casinos have to consistently worry about and practice anti money laundering practices to ensure nothing goes array. However, online casinos have been working hard to track funds being transferred through these games.

Multiplayer Slots: The Comeback Kid

Multiplayer slots are due for a comeback. Many genres of games go through controversies and developement issues. While multiplayer slots are not yet the most popular of the casino games to enjoy, it doesn't mean this couldn't change in the near future. At the end of the day, there's an immense possibility with these slots. Many players wish to gamble with a community but are intimidated by table games and card games, and that's where multiplayer slots can come in handy.

Aside from the fact it'll help lonely players who are scared of more complicated games, with multiplier slots you can share your victories and your losses with likeminded players. You can pick up tips through communicating with slot players who might be more experienced than you and just enjoy a little chatting as you play with folks who are passionate about the same games you are. Comparatively, a solo experience can be isolated and intimidating, and while we all want our alone time, there's a time when getting out into the world and talking to people is necessary. For some of us, the gas or time it takes to travel out to a physical casino can be too much. Also, multiplayer slots can be enjoyed in demo mode, too! So what are you waiting for? Try out a multiplayer slot! Take a more community-oriented approach to playing slot games, and you never know, you might land some big prizes.