A Feast for the Eyes: Most Beautiful Slot Games

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Looks aren't everything when it comes to slot games, but they can certainly be a deciding factor. Curating the perfect collection of slot games depends on a variety of different factors, such as whether or not a game offers lucrative bonus rounds, or has a high RTP. That being said, a slot game is something you'll be staring at for a while, so you might as well pick a pretty game. An attractive slot game can certainly give a game an edge over its competition. If you're wondering what slot games have the most memorizing graphics, this list is for you!

Gonzo's Quest

Gonzo's Quest isn't the newest game on the list, but the graphics are timeless. This adventurous game is by the creators at NetEnt, who are experts at slot play. Gonzo is the main character of this slot, and he is a Spanish conquistador who traveled to South America. His ultimate goal is to find the legendary city of El Dorado, where the streets are coated in gold. It's played on five reels and features 20 total pay lines. There is a special avalanche game feature that will increase your win multiplier up to 5x during the normal game, or 14x during the free spins round. The RTP for this game rests around 96%.

Visually, Gonzo's Quest features muted, soft colors within the main game grid. The symbols all resemble ancient tiles in colors like pastel pink, blue, green and orange. Every symbol has an elaborate 3D carving, and the background of the slot features overgrown ferns, and majestic water fountains and Gonzo himself is an active 3D character resting beside the reels. As I previously stated, while this isn't the newest slot, this game is hardly outdated, and more importantly it's beautiful.

Gem's Gala Spin and Lock

This game is all about stardom and riches. If you want to live the life of the rich and famous, this beautiful and fun slot is a great way to practice. This game has more than a few bonus features. So walk the red carpet with this visually arresting game. This slot takes place against a dark city landscape. One would presume the twinkling lights of LA are visible in the backdrop, and the game is played against a red carpet backdrop. There are numerous luxury symbols, featuring limos, diamonds, necklaces, and cameras. The beautiful brunette woman with refined curls and a sophisticated gown is the only character within these lavish reels. This game has scatters and wild symbols, along with a free spin bonus and a lock in feature.

Divine Fortune

This NetEnt casino game is a mythologically themed slot with remarkably beautiful graphics inspired by ancient Greece. Let this game transport you back to a magical time. This game focuses primarily on the mythical gorgon known as Medusa, who was once a beautiful woman whom was transformed into a demonic creature with snakes for hair. Medusa isn't the only legend to make an appearance on this reel either, as she's also accompanied by the winged divine horse Pegasus, who she gave birth to. This game has a wild symbol, along with several other exciting features to help land you a generous jackpot or big win. In fact, there are three jackpots rather than one, and the mega jackpot is progressive, so it'll continue to grow as players place bets.

The visuals of this slot cannot be overlooked. The game's grid is simple enough, and resembles an ancient scroll. On each side of the game grid, two Greek statues stand tall and proud, each of a beautiful woman carrying something over her head, draped in Greek robes. There's a vase located at the bottom on the right side, and these graphics have a 3D quality about them, while the game's icons have a more detailed, 2D appearance. Medusa herself might be the most visually arresting character. The elaborate detail put into the green lifelike snakes and beautifully sculpted face is enough to prove this game is worthy of a spot on our list.

Finn and The Candy Spin

Believe it or not, Finn has quite a reputation throughout the NetEnt community. Finn and The Candy Spin focuses on the Leprechaun character. He's had a couple different adventures, there's the Finn and the Swirly Spin game, along with Finn's Golden Tavern, and now he's going on a candy themed adventure in Finn and The Candy Spin. This game has some excellent spin mechanics, along with avalanche symbols and a mixture of other special features. This sugary slot is played on five reels and features five rows of gaming. Symbols don't drop from the top to the bottom, but actually fill the grid in a clockwise pattern from the outer parts of the reel to the inner parts. This is only one of several reasons Finn and the Candy Spin is so visually captivating, too. The game takes place in a 3D candy palace, with spiraling clouds and pillars with gumballs inside of them. The graphic style is clearly 3D and Finn himself is the friendly, lovable character most will remember him as.

Druid's Magic

There's nothing quite like a well crafted magical, ancient-inspired slot. This game is titled Druids Magic, and if you're a fan of any dungeons and dragons style gaming, you'll be jumping for joy when you see this game. The druids' magic home screen depicts a forest set against a set of mountains, blanketed by the twinkling night sky. The aurora borealis are visible in the backdrop. Deep in the woods, the real magic can begin. The game is played against an earth backup, with a wooden cabin of sorts with a straw roof. Along the wall the Druid's Magic reels are spun, and feature a variety of detailed animal symbols along with lower paying number and letter symbols designed to look like Norse runes.

Dead Or Alive 2

The original Dead or Alive quickly gained popularity after being released in 2009, and its sequel is an improvement on the original game. This game from NetEnt is based on the Wild West, and features cowboys and outlaws. It's played on five reels and three rows, and features 9 total pay lines. With a favorable RTP of 96.8%, it's no wonder Dead or Alive 2 is doing so well, especially considering it offers tons of variations of free spins

Visually, the game was designed with stunning detail. Each character within the reel is lifelike, with its own distinct personality created purely through the artwork. There are multiple characters with guns, along with sheriff stars. When you land big wins huge gold animations pop up proclaiming you a winner. The game grid is set against a worn wooden backdrop that suits the old West. There's even a sexy saloon girl character! The details within the artwork transport you into their world, in a romanticized sense anyway. Other symbols include cowboy boots, booze bottles and guns.