Finding Your Perfect Slot: A First-Timer's Guide

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So you're new to slots and not sure where to start? Well, you aren't alone. Maybe long-term gamblers struggle to find the perfect slot game for them, often bouncing around between games only semi satisfied, searching for the ultimate game option. If this description fits what's going on with you, this article is exactly what you need. We're going to discuss how to pick the best slot game for your playing style, offering a beginner's guide to picking the perfect game.

How To Play Slots

Before you pick your perfect machine, you'll need to be well informed on the ins and outs of playing, and become well informed on all of the basics of the game. Playing slots is an easy task, you need to select the appropriate amount of coins and hit the spin button. After that, wait to see if you've won money or not, and spin again. Sounds simple enough, but there are a lot of different factors to consider. You might win some money, or you might trigger a bonus round. If necessary, you need to use more coins to play again. All of this sounds simple enough, but you don't want to automatically play mindlessly, instead strategy and budgeting should be applied to your rounds. Otherwise, mindlessly playing is a great way to toss money down the drain.

Most slot machines are made of the same core components. The game is usually played on a series of reels, for example a five reel or a three reel game is very common. Every reel contains numerous symbols. Every game also has a pay line, which is a number of rows going from the left to the right. Some machines offer over fifty pay lines.

The symbols within the reels are the key to winning, as every symbol comes with its own value. To land a winning combination, you need to align several identical symbols across a single pay line. These symbols will often be related to the games overall theme, and might consist of characters or pictures of items that better create the overall world of a slot. It's also very common for low paying symbols to be numbers or letter symbols. There are special symbols, such as scatters, wilds and bonus symbols.

Another common slot feature is a jackpot. To qualify for a jackpot, many times you have to bet the maximum bet to be qualified to even trigger the jackpot. Some jackpots are progressive, so a little bit from every bet placed on the jackpot accumulates and is saved. The size of the jackpot will often attract a player to the machine, however the higher the jackpot often means the harder the jackpot is to trigger. If you aim for slots with smaller jackpots, you have a better chance to trigger it. If you bet a smaller amount and trigger the jackpot, you'll likely be paid a smaller amount than you would otherwise. All slot games have a pay table, which can be found under the information tab. It's important to scan the payout table before you begin a round, so you know what symbols are higher valued and what symbols trigger special jackpots.

Free Play Mode

When selecting the ultimate slot game, free play mode will be your best friend. This is the most important step you can take before making any real money bets. Always play the game in free play mode, most online casinos will offer all of their games in demo mode, and even if the site requires registration beforehand and you're not committed to that particular casino, a simple google search can often pull up a commitment free, demo version of the game you're considering. After you've played several rounds of free play, then consider making a real money bet. You are in no rush to make any decisions.

How To Choose a Slot Machine

Now, choosing a slot game is difficult because not every person is going to love the same slot game. You have to pick what slot game you think is best suited to how you play, and your needs. Most online casinos will allow you to try out games for free, which is the first step when picking a slot.

While playing the slot for free, there are several aspects you should consider. Is the game actually exciting to play? Or are you bored while playing? If a game is too drab, or the theme just doesn't excite you, move on because there are tons of other game options that provide very similar special features with more exciting animations or graphics, or just a better theme period.

Now, aside from how aesthetic or glamorous a slot is, your budget should also be taken into consideration. Whether or not the maximum bet meets your budget is an important factor, especially as you might not be able to win their jackpot or activate special features if you don't bet the maximum. Pick a slot that's reasonable within your pay range. After you've determined the slot is within your budget, you should also check out the bonus round. You can either test out their bonus rounds by playing the game in demo mode, or read about the bonus rounds under the information table. Does the bonus round increase your winnings significantly? If so, you've selected a good slot option.

You should also be well aware of other fundamental basics, such as how many reels and pay lines the slot has, and what your preferences are. Some players prefer the simplicity of three reels and only a few pay lines, while others love big game boards with hundreds of pay lines. This is just a personal preference.

If the game comes with a jackpot (and trust me, you should want a jackpot or several) then you should compare the maximum jackpot versus the maximum bet and determine if this is a good value or not. If a game also offers an abundance of medium payouts, this is also preferred.

Basic Beginner Tips

After you've followed all of the advice I highlighted above, and you've picked your slot, there are some tips and tricks you'll want to follow while playing. You should keep a close eye on the amount of money you are spending, along with how much you are accumulating and how much you are losing. If you've lost the amount you wanted to spend during a single session, then you need to stop playing for the time being. On the other hand, if you have got a substantial amount of cash, that's also a good time to stop. You'd be better off walking away with a sum of money rather than winning a bunch, then continuing to play and losing all of it. Don't take your winnings for granted and view them as a way to play more and potentially win more.

Should you decide to double up in a game, keep in mind you might lose all bonus winnings attached. Slot games are about playing for fun, and you never want to risk any essential money that you need to satisfy your needs (such as rent or food.) Before you begin playing, ensure you are well informed and know everything about the machine, you should carefully read the rules and check out the pay table, and make sure you're well informed regarding their bonus rounds or any double up features the game might offer you. If you follow these tips and tricks, your gaming session will feel like a little slice of paradise!