Slot Myths Debunked: The Truth Behind the Spin

Slot machines are a huge part of entertainment as a whole, and they're one of the main motivating factors that have kept land casinos running for years on end. Everyone loves the thrill and excitement of playing slots, and these thrills combined with the simple nature of the game make it universally appealing to people all over the world. Since the slot industry is so well established, it's no wonder there are so many myths related to slots. In this article, we're going to debunk some of the myths about slot machines, so you can play in a better informed manner. You should always approach slot games with the goal of playing for entertainment value, because winning is pure luck at the end of the day, however that doesn't mean you can increase your chances of winning by playing smarter, and being well informed about the myths of slot play is a good reason to do that.

The Myth of Hot and Cold Cycles

The myth that slot machines come with hot and cold streaks is a tale as old as time. The idea they go through paying out and not paying out is a myth perpetuated by the idea there are rigged outcomes associated with slot play, and that's simply not true. The outcome of every individual spin on a slot is based on a random number generator. An RNG is an algorithm that ensures every spin is random and unrelated to the previous spin. Many people think if a machine is paying out or isn't paying out on a particular spin that it impacts the amount of future spins, and that's simply not true. You can't manipulate an online casino to produce cold or hot streaks associated with slots or any other games, it's ethnically unsound and not what casinos are supposed to stand for or offer. Speaking of, that brings us to the next myth on our list

Can Casino Operators Can Manipulate Slot Outcomes?

Gamblers sometimes have the wrong idea about casino operators. They think they can operate outside of the law or manipulate the outcome of their games in their favor. The truth is, as long as a casino is properly licensed and regulated by a proper regulatory body, a casino has a lot of laws to comply with and standards to meet. They cannot manipulate the outcome of a slot machine. The authorities that operate casinos regulate sites strictly, so the casino is required to maintain both fairness and transparency. Their games are frequently inspected and audited to ensure the online slot developer has not rigged the machine. Along with that, they ensure a casino is transparent about the RTP and the house edge with the slots, so you as the player can make smart decisions while playing.

Will a Slot Machine Hit Again if It Just Paid Out?

Another common myth is that if a machine just paid out a jackpot or a big win it won't pay out again for a while. This myth might come from many players presumptions or instincts, but it's really untrue. Machines are not programmed to follow any kind of pattern. There is no rhyme or reason related to when a machine will award a payout, or why a dry spell occurs. The outcome of every spin is determined by random number generators, and just because a machine just paid out a jackpot or a big win, doesn't mean it couldn't pay out a jackpot or big win again on the next spin. No game resets after wins are paid out.

Can Player Cards Impact Slot Machines?

If you're playing at a real, land casino, many of them offer something called a player card. Player cards are loyalty cards and rewards cards players who spin slots consistently are eventually awarded. There's a myth that if you swipe a player card before you play a slot machine, your chances of winning are reduced because the casino already knows they've got you in their claws. This is absolutely untrue. The online version of this myth would be the idea your chances of winning are increased because you're a high ranking member of their loyalty program.

There are numerous reasons this is illogical. The purpose of player cards are to keep track of loyal players, so they can be rewarded in the long run. They offer special and exclusive perks. The outcome of a spin is entirely unrelated to your loyalty card, and if you spin a few losing spins, it's just s coincidence. The machine is still using random number generators and the card has no impact on the outcome. Being a member of a casino loyalty program at an online casino will have no impact on the outcome as well.

Are Payout Percentages are Manipulated?

There is a slot myth that casinos can manipulate the payout percentage of slot machines at specific times, which also implies that there's a right or wrong time to play a slot, and that the day of the week along with the time will impact the outcome of the machine. Payout percentage is called RTP or return to player percentage. The RTP is predetermined by the games designed and is programmed into the machine's software, and cannot be manipulated at any point. The RNGs will determine the spins outcome and all reputable casinos need to maintain a machine fairness and integrity, to put it simply, they cannot allow time to influence the outcome of the machine, and cannot adjust the payout percentage, whether you're playing online or in person.

Does Counting Spins Affect The Outcome of a Slot?

Since counting cards exists, some players think counting the number of spins will somehow help you predict when a slot machine will pay out, or help you predict the future outcome of the machine in some way. The idea is you can keep track of the maximum number of spins and anticipate when a winning combination will occur. The truth is, it's impossible to predict the outcome of a slot machine. Slot games more than any other casino game are based on chance, and there's no way to predict the outcome. There is no pattern to follow, and trying to keep a record of the results will not guarantee you better results. This common myth is actually referred to as the gambler's fallacy.

Pulling The Level Impacts The Machines Outcome?

This myth sounds like it could apply to only physical machines, but actually some online casinos offer levels instead of buttons to spin with. There's a myth that pulling a level will lead to a higher payout rate as opposed to hitting the spin button. This myth applies to both land casinos and online casinos, but since online casinos mimic land based casinos, this myth has carried over into the online gambling realm. The fact old the matter is how you spin will not change your odds of winning, whether you press a button or pull a lever. Nosagalia has given some players a false idea that it'll somehow impact the outcome of a spin, and that's simply untrue. Not all myths are logical, some just exist, such as this myth about levers.