$5 Slots

The interesting thing about slot machines is how they really seem to cater to all of the different types of people that go to a casino to gamble nowadays. Whether you are rich or poor, upper class or lower class or any other socio-economic distinction you can think of, there are going to be people like you that play the slot machines. From the least expensive to the most expensive variants, slot machines are the most popular casino gambling activity on the planet. Even poker, which has boomed to huge proportions across the world today, is nowhere near as popular as slot machines are. One specific form of slot machine, the five dollar slot machine, is detailed over the rest of this article.

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Five Dollar Slot Advantages

There are a number of advantages to five dollar slot machines and of course the most obvious aspect of these types of slot machines is the high price to pay. Five dollar slots require a five dollar payment per roll. The important thing to keep in mind here is that the five dollars is just for a one coin roll. To have a real roll, a five coin roll, with a chance at the big jackpot, you need to have twenty five dollars to pay per roll. This is a very hefty amount to pay per roll and therefore only wealthy people will really be able to use five dollar slots. On the other hand, when considering the five coin rolls, it is easy to see how the jackpots for these slot machines can be enormous. We are literally talking tens of millions of dollars for the big jackpot on a five dollar slot machine.

Average Payout Percentages

There are a number of different games in a casino and by and large calculating the average payout percentages for them is pretty easy to do. They are built into the game itself and therefore simple statistical analysis will teach you what to expect those numbers to be. This is more difficult with a slot machine and because of that we need to rely on empirical data in order to create that same analysis for the slot machines that you will use. Now, the problem with empirical analysis is that it can only give us an average rather than a gamut and the average payout percentage for five dollar slots tends to hover in the 98% range. This is the highest payout percentage.

Where to Find the Best Five Dollar Slots

There are a number of places both online and off line where you can find a great gaming experience. Places that have great slot machines are all over the place but there are two in particular where you can truly get a wonderful gaming experience. Bovada Casino, Lincoln Casino, Liberty Slots Casino and Silver Oak Casino are both excellent places for you to work and whether you are interested in playing a wide range of slot machines or alternatively being able to play one for a long time without getting bored, you can get all that you need for slots any of those excellent casinos.