Aztec Adventure Slots

Having reviewed hundreds and hundreds of slot games of all types, I must say that Aztec Adventure Slots is okay for a beginner. The graphics are one dimensional, and the jackpot is not the highest ever offered. But this game does have a certain appeal. Perhaps it is because it is what it is. It's not terribly difficult to play, but is enjoyable in its own way. With no wild or scatter symbols, you are pretty much betting on the symbols themselves. Although there is a bonus game and a multiplier, which will help increase your odds of winning.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 15-payline bonus slot, Aztec Adventure Slots has a jackpot worth 500 coins. The coin bets range from .002 to .02, making it an ideal starting point for the budget minded and the beginners who want to play online slots. We always advise our players to read the pay table, even though there are only two pages. It is still important that you note what is advantageous to playing the game. Unfortunately, there is only one pay table page that you need to concern yourself with.

Aztec Adventure Symbols

In this slot game, there are major 4 symbols, and 4 minor symbols - the cards. The major symbols consist of a hat, a compass, a snake, and an Aztec statue. There is one other factor to look for. When three or more Click Me symbols appear on the reels, you will be asked to click on one of them, which will give you the multiplier. What this means is that your total bet in the current spin will be multiplied by 100xs. Not too bad! And that's how the game is played.

Play Aztec Adventure Slots

As stated earlier, this is a good place to start if you are a first time player online. From here, you can advance to the more bonus-enhanced slot games. But for now, Aztec Adventure Slots does have some lucrative value within it.