Big Winner at Win a Day Casino

Congratulations to D.B. who won over $180,000 playing Tropical Treat Slots at Win a day casino on March 25, 2016. When Tropical Treat Slots was first released, S.M. won over $165,000. This 5-reel, 50-payline slot game will surely produce more winners this year at Win a Day Casino. In fact, this casino has had two additional winners playing Gypsy Charm Slots and Busted Slots, with a combined win totaling over $300,000. A new slot game was just released at Win a Day Casino called Ice Crystals Slots, and is considered to be a one of a kind premium game. This means that the slot is a progressive one that is anchored to the site wide progressive jackpot. Try your luck at Win a Day Casino, and perhaps you’ll be the next big winner.

Easter Bonuses at Win a Day Casino

  • From now through March 29th, you can take advantage of Win a Day’s special Easter Bonuses. They run from 40% to 100%, and here’s the run down:
  • Using code EASTER40, the bonus is 40% with a deposit between $25 and $250. Redemption is unlimited. Bet 12xs on slots, Keno, and Video Poker.
  • Using code EASTER70, the bonus is 70% with a deposit between $30 and $250.
  • Redeem 1xs per day, wager 16xs on Slots and Keno.
  • Using code EASTER100, the bonus is 100% with a deposit between $35 and $200. Redeem 1xs, wager 19xs, and play Slots only.