Quarter Slots

Slot machines are a very big part of the world today. When a person walks into a casino, their first instinct is usually to head over to the slot machines and play a few rounds. More so than any other casino game currently in existence, slot machines are popular. They are the most popular casino activity currently on the planet and this is why every casino dedicates most of its floor space to slot machines. At any point there might be two or three of each table game at a casino, but when it comes right down to it there will be hundreds of slot machines in that same casino space. A number of these slot machines are known as quarter slot machines and the rest of this article details some information you should know about quarter slots.

Best Quarter Slots

Quarter Slot Advantages

Quarter slots are slot machines where you have to pay a quarter in order to have a roll. In other words, a one coin roll on a quarter slot would cost you twenty five cents. Additionally, a five coin roll, the maximum roll possible on any slot machine, would cost you $1.25. It is important to make this distinction however, as the five coin roll is going to be the roll that most people go for as that is the roll that makes you eligible for the big jackpot offered by the slot machine. The quarter slots are sometimes more difficult for middle and lower class people to play simply because they are too expensive to really have a few hours worth of fun, but at the same time they also offer much bigger jackpots for the added expense.

Average Payout Percentage

It is not that easy to calculate the average payout percentage of a slot machine, especially if that slot machine happens to be land based. Many online casinos will keep statistics of their payout percentages overall but it might be a bit more difficult to get statistics by specific slot machine from them and at land based casinos it is virtually impossible. Nevertheless, we can relatively say that a quarter slot machine will usually have a higher payout percentage than penny slots but lower than a nickel slots and currently it is believed that the average payout percentage of a quarter slot machine is around 92-95%. Needless to say it depends to a great extent on the online casino you choose to play.

Where to Find the Best Quarter Slots

There are a number of places around where you can retrieve information about the best quarter slots around and while many different people have their opinions on the best slots, you can largely measure the greatness of a slot machine. Ease of play, good visuals and a reliable payout percentage are all key aspects of having a good slot machine experience. After reviewing a number of different places with slot machines, two in particular have stuck out. You can find the best quarter slot machines at either Bovada Casino,Spartan Slots Casino or Lincoln Casino. All of them have great slot machines for you to look at and utilize to your heart’s content.