Mega Money Mine Slots

From the moment you open Mega Money Mine you know that this slots game means business, the background reeks of everything related to a gold mine, from the picks, shovels, wooden beams, dynamite, and a trough of gold. The game will explode to life when you bet the first amount. Mining has a rich history in countries like United States, South Africa, Australia and many other places, where people dreamed of riches untold. However finding that gold was hard work, and many were not rewarded for the effort they put into it. Others hit the mother lode and made fortunes. Those far off days were filled with pioneers who shaped much of mining's history. You need not get your hand dirty mining for gold in this Mega Money Mine Slots game, you can sit in the comfort of your home and have loads of fun and win nice money.

The download of the casino software is easy, and the game itself is based on simple lines so it does not confuse you and get can get on to the business of making money. The graphics are bight and colorful. An on three reels not too much to distract you from the important part of spinning the reels.

Enter the Mine and play

With three reels and only one payline you can't go wrong with this game. The starting bet amount is $1.50 and you can bet a maximum bet of $4.50 to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. Its important to bet the max of three coins to be eligible for the big win. If you hit it with one coin you will only be rewarded 15% of the jackpot, you hit it with 2 coins you get only 30% of the jackpot, hit with three coins and you hit jackpot and 100% payout.

A traditional classic with topical symbols

The Slots game is simple, with no wilds and scatters to distract you, very simple game playing, each of the symbols have a payout amount depending on the number on the three reels. The symbols are so typical of a mining slots, with Gold Bars, Mine, Shovels, and traditional slots symbols of delicious Cherries, the Lucky Seven, Single BAR, Double Bar, and a girl's best friend, the Diamond.

Although only on three reels the jackpots are quite impressive

If you bet three coins and get three gold bars you will be paid the highest jackpot of 2,250 coins that converted into Dollars is an impressive $3.375. A bet of two coins and you get three Gold Bars the payout is less at 1,500 coins or $2,250. If you bet only one coin and the Three Gold Bars come up you will only be rewarded 750 coins which is $1,123. So to get the highest wins its important to bet three coins per on the payline. The one bonus as such is the Gold Bar always pays out.

Where to play Mega Money Mine Slots

Mega Money Mine Slots is part og Wager Gaming Technology games collection and can be found at WGT casinos: Miami Club Casino, US LibertySlots Casino or Lincoln Casino.