3-Reel Slots at Liberty Slots Casino is the Essence of Simplicity

Classic slots have come a long way since the early days when all you could find are bells, 7s, cherries and other assorted fruit. Today, due to the immense rise in mobile devices, game developers want to keep classic games simple yet pack a punch for those who enjoy these games. Thus, Liberty Slots Casino has fulfilled that task by creating classic games that not only enhance the enjoyment of players using mobile devices, but allows for a smooth and fast play game whether it’s on a smart phone or a tablet. Triple Wild Cherry Slots and Triple 10x Wild Slots are two examples of what WGS has designed combining a game that is simple to play, but also packs a punch. In the old days, these slots were known as “fruities,” but today they are more than that. They offer options you would never find in classic slots from the old days.

What Does 3X Wild Cherry Slots and Triple 10X Wild Slots Have in Common?

Both of these slots are 3-reel, one-payline slots that, although they incorporate the classic symbols, also provide a progressive jackpot as in the case of Triple Wild Cherry. Moreover, you can start betting at a mere 25 cents per spin. Triple 10X Wild Slots, on the other hand, has two wilds and when combined, will pay out huge payouts. Both of these games are also available for download and instant play for desktop and laptop computers.

3X Wild Cherry Slots

3X Wild Cherry Slots This game is a classic slot that you can play at our WGS online casinos. This is a very easy game to play. 3X Wild Cherry is a 3-reel, 1-payline slot that only requires three coins. There are three payouts: 500 coins if you get three 3X Logo Symbols; 1000 coins if you get three 3X Logo Symbols; and the 1500 coin jackpot is you get three 3X Logo Symbols on the center line. The 3X Logo is also the wild symbol. Get one and you will win 3xs your bet; or get two and you will win 9xs your bet. The rest of the symbols are all traditional.

Triple 10X Wild Slots

Triple 10x Wild Slots This is also a classic slot game from WGS. It is a 3-reel, 1-payline slot. You can also bet three coins max. What is different about this slot game is that you can click on the pay table at the bottom of the slot. The pay table will show all the symbols and payouts which are very high. For example, if you bet one coin and get two 3x one 10X Symbols, you will win 10,000 coins. Bet two coins to win 20,000 coins; and bet all three coins to win the amazing jackpot of 30,000 coins. Also note that if you get any 10X Logo Symbol, it pays out 10xs your bet. Get any 10X and 3X logo and it will pay out 30xs your bet. Get any one 3X symbol to receive 3xs your bet; and get two 3X symbols to receive 9xs your bet.

Liberty Slots Mobile Casino Special Offer

Liberty Slots Mobile Casino is offering a $200 bonus to players who play these two slot games on their mobile devices. This promotion will end on October 15. Additionally, Liberty Slots Mobile Casino will add a 200% bonus on any purchase of credits up to a max of $200. Use coupon code TRIPLE3916.

Join Liberty Slots Mobile Casino and enjoy playing these “triple” slots on your mobile devices.