The 3-reel slots at Silver Oak Casino

If you’re a fan of traditional slot machines, and you like video slots too, then Silver Oak Casino is the place for you, hands down. With 13 3-reel video slots to choose from, players are sure to find a game they like.

So what makes Silver Oak's 3-reel slots so good? A lot of things… To start with, the games all run very smoothly. In over five hours of gameplay, this writer experienced no freezes or hangups of any sort. This smooth action, combined with the good sound effects, gave these video slots a very realistic feel. At Silver Oak, it’s easy to forget that you’re playing online, and not in a regular casino.


Another very nice feature of the 3-reel video slots are the paytables. These are very conveniently located on the main screen of each game, directly above the reels. The tables have between 2 and 5 columns, depending on how many coins the particular game allows you to bet at one time, and each column gives the payouts for the winning combinations. The columns are clearly labeled with “First Coin,” “Second Coin,” and so on, and the appropriate paytable column lights up when you change the number of coins that you are betting. All of this makes it very easy to interpret the results of any spin.

Fans of traditional slot games will have an added enticement at Silver Oak’s 3-reel games: there is only one payline, across the three reels. It is clearly marked by a thin white line, and it glows blue when a winning combination lines up on it.

Windows that help you

Another good feature of the game display, directly below the reels, are several colored windows. One, in blue, shows how many credits you have available. This is determined by dividing your available cash by the value of the coin you are playing, so if you have $1 in your account, and play for pennies, you have 100 credits available on the 3-reel slots. The middle window, larger than the others, shows what coin you are playing; you can choose from 10-, 25-, or 50-cent coins, or even $1, $5, or $10 coins. Obviously, the larger coins will allow you to win more, but they will also run down your balance faster if you don’t win. Finally, the three rightmost windows show how many credits you play on each spin, how many you win, and how many are paid to you.

Below these windows are the game buttons. On the left, is a button surrounded by two arrows; these allow you to set the size of your coin. The next two buttons are “Bet One,” which set the number of coins you are betting, and “Spin Reels,” which is self explanatory. Finally, on the far right, is a button labeled “Play Max.” This will automatically spin the reels and play 3 coins at once. It will not change your coin size, however, so if you are playing for dimes, “Play Max” will bet 30 cents on one spin.

All of this adds up to a very authentic slot game experience. Silver Oak Casino, with these 3-reel games, has definitely put together a winning package here.