Deal or No Deal in 3D Only at PKR

The TV game show Deal or No Deal has been popular since it first aired. In addition, when the slot game came out, it too was a huge success. Today, Sunshine Slots is excited to announce that Deal or No Deal is now available in 3D only at PKR. This is a big “deal” because the realism in this new 3D game is beyond words.

Game Facts

A new and unconventional method utilized to play Deal or No Deal, there is no slot machine. The game is played very similar to the TV game show. As the game begins, you will be asked to choose one of 26 boxes, all numbered. The box you choose is yours to keep unless you accept the banker’s offers during the game.

Let the Game Begin!

Unlike the TV game show, you will be asked to choose six boxes at the outset. The amount contained in each box will be shown. Afterward, the banker will call to offer you a deal. You can either accept or decline. If you decline, you will be asked to choose 5 boxes. Once again, the banker will make an offer. If you decline, you will then choose 5 more boxes, then 4, then the final 4. Here is where the metal meets the road. The banker will make a final offer. You can accept his offer and give up the original box you chose, or decline his offer and keep the original box. Either way, the game will end with either your taking home the banker’s offer or the prize in the box.

Play Deal or No Deal in 3D Only at PKR

What is so amazing about this new 3D game is that it mimics the TV game show in every way, from the players to the studio audience. The phone, with the question mark on it; the red numbered boxes; the emcee; the prize amounts on the board – everything is familiar and real. If you want to experience this game in ways you could never have expected, we invite you to play Deal or No Deal in 3D only at PKR, where their motto is” Take the Walk of Wealth.”