Slot Games – New, Popular, for Cash or in Flash?

Cyberpunk City Slots

Slot machines have been around in one form or another since the turn of the 20th century, but internet made them the online entertainment number one. These slot machines, also known affectionately as the one armed bandit took the gambling world by storm and have since dominated just about every casino. They are known as fruit machines in the UK or pokies machines in Australia, but whatever you call them, they have occupied the grand imaginations of casino goers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Today, not only has the enormous popularity of the slot machine not even remotely waned, it's taken a turn to the future with online slot machines bringing this already dynamic and exciting form of gambling to a whole new level and to many more people.

The different variations of slot machines around the world and online is nothing short of astounding. Online alone, a fun seeking gamer could choose from simple 3 reel slots and one pay out line to massive 7 real video slots with up to 20 pay out lines. He could wager as little as 1 cent per spin or as much as $100 per spin. The seemingly unlimited variety of themes used by these slots means you could spin Egyptian style at Cleopatra Slots or win at the ultra-modern Denis Rodman slots. The bottom line, there is absolutely something for everyone in the world of online slots. The problem is to choose - New, Popular, slots for Cash or slots in Flash?

Most Popular Casino Slot Games

Simply because there is a slot for every kind of player with any kind of taste at every financial level, one would think that it's impossible to determine the most popular online slot games. That said, there do seem to be some that more people find more appealing. Are there some universal themes that everyone finds attractive? Most probably. Are some slots notably looser than others? That's obviously a well kept secret by the casinos. Maybe it's just a question of regular trends or famous names. Regardless, there are definitely some slots that get more play than others, and even these run across the slot spectrum.

The Reel Deal Slots

The Reel Deal Slots: Sometimes it's the old classics that keep the players coming back for more. The Reel Deal is just such a game. You can find this popular classic at Liberty Slots Casino, Lincoln Casino, MiamiClub Casino. There, while playing this game, you'll feel like you're part of a prime time game show. This 5 reel, 20 pay line video slot has some of the best sounds and graphics you'll find online. Maybe, though, it's the bonus rounds and $100,000 jackpot that have made it such a crowd pleaser for so long.

Eastern Dragon Slots

Eastern Dragon Slots: Another highly popular 5 reel, 20 pay line with a completely different theme is Eastern Dragon. This game, available at LibertySlots casino, is a perennial favorite of thousands. Perhaps it's the calming beauty of the lotus flower or the awesome power of the Chinese dragon. Either way, this smooth spinning and beautiful game is a favorite.

Safari Slots

Safari Slots: For another popular adventure themed slot, check out the Safari slot game. Safari slots has all the vibrancy and excitement of a visit to Kruger National Park. Here you'll encounter lions, cheetahs, rhionos, giraffes and game wardens along with high paying Wilds, Bonuses and Scatters. Give this game a shot now for some serious animalistic action.

New Slots Games

American Icon Slots

American Icon Slots: Despite the already rich treasure trove of slot games to choose from, online casinos like Liberty Slots Casino are constantly coming out with new and inventive games to keep their loyal players happy. Ever dreamed of making a Solid Gold record? American Icon Slots brings new meaning to the term video slot, as you create a veritable music video all your own while you spin for a shot at some huge money, worthy of any super star! American Icon's bonus round is one of the hippest online today, actually giving you a "recording contract."

Denis Rodman Slots

Denis Rodman: Another cutting edge new slot from the newest Liberty Slots Online Casino is Denis Rodman. Always intriguing, sometimes scary but never boring, Denis Rodman is the perfect namesake for this exciting new bonus slot. This 5 reel, 20 pay line extravaganza is one fine slot game.

Fat Cat Slots

Fat Cat: Next time someone calls you a Fat Cat, you can safely say, "thank you sir may I have another." Because, ever since Liberty Online Slots Casino introduces Fat Cat slots to the online world, it's brought a whole new level to the term. This cool, slick 5 reel slot game has got the butler, the riches and the Kitty Cat representing the good life you could have if you spin the big one.

Slot Games for Cash

X Marks the Spot: Ultimately, you're in it for the real money and you know the feeling. It's better to play one game for cash then ten for fun. In many ways, just like the sea faring pirates of old. If you're looking for money and the fun, look no further than X Marks the Spot at, appropriately, Liberty Casino Online, or Lincoln Casino. This game is not for the faint of heart or the land lubber. With one of the greatest bonus rounds for your money, this game is really good value.

Money Shot Slots

Money Shot Slots: Money Shot Slots is your shot at the money! Download and Play this game at Liberty Slots Online Casino, and you'll feel like a VIP at the basketball championships. This 5 reel, 20 pay line slot offers wilds, scatters, an action packed bonus round and some really cute cheerleaders. Shoot a winner, today!

Cool Bananas Slots

Cool Bananas Slots: Who isn't looking for a fast paced slot with a King Kong meets San Diego theme? Check out Cool Bananas at our favorite casino for this fun-loving game. With some crazy wild, scatter and free spin symbols, you're in for a good time here. You can even win more free spins during the free spins rounds.

Mermaid's Quest Slots

Mermaid's Quest Slots Mermaid's Quest is one of those games that makes you feel warm and fuzzy while you're playing. But this is no Disney movie. That warm fuzzy feeling is your gut telling you that this could be where you'll find that underwater treasure. This wet and wild 5 reel, 9 pay line slot will is full of surprises, with the multiple scatters and killer bonus round.

Let's agree - there is nothing better than playing slot games for cash!

Flash Slot Games

As with everything in life, you'll always have to weigh the pros and cons. A con that many players find with their favorite online casinos is that they are tied to a downloaded piece of software. This means that even if you know your account number and password, unless you have downloaded the casino software, there is no way to get access to your beloved casino games. An excellent solution to this dilemma is the Flash Casino. Just about every online casino today offers the Flash or Instant Play Casino. This is a no download version of the software. The pros here are clearly amazing. Firstly, you can play as well as deposit and withdraw anywhere, anytime on anyone's computer. Second, there is no download taking up space on your hard drive. Third, all these mean you can give the casino a shot without the time commitment of downloading. Truthfully, the only real con is that because the casino wants to keep the Flash versions as light as possible, you can't always get the games you're looking for. That said, they make an effort to stock their Flash Casinos with the most popular games.

Liberty Slots Flash Casino has just such a Flash, with the mystical, 5 reel, 20 pay line slot Cleopatra's Pyramid. Cleopatra was known as one of the most beautiful women of the ancient world, and the same could be said of the slot Cleopatra's Pyramid (except for the ancient part). This game has all the traditional elements of ancient Egypt and a bonus round worthy of the Pharaohs.

At the classy MiaminiClub Flash, give Black Magic Slot a whirl. This eerie, wicked, 5 reel 25 pay line slot will keep you in its spell until you hit the big win. The best part of playing this game on the Flash is that you can do it even in the spooky old house on your lap top, as long as they have wireless.

Wheel of Chance, a somewhat new slot game over at Lincoln Casino is a great game to try. This is a simple, fun loving slot game, also with a game show theme, has some great odds and solid payouts. Between the bonus round and free spins, as well as the generous pay out structure, on Wheel of Chance there is a good chance you'll make some serious cash.

Where are the Best Casino Slots?

Sunshine Slots has been reviewing online casinos for years, and we bring them to you with high recommendations. They offer the best welcome bonuses, promotions, reward programs, and hundreds of slots tournaments. These are the best of the best and we invite you to join today!

Sunshine Slots has been reviewing online casinos for years, and we bring them to you with high recommendations. They offer the best welcome bonuses, promotions, reward programs, and hundreds of slots tournaments. These are the best of the best and we invite you to join today!

MiamiClub certainly comes out strong with their mammoth 100% up to $800 welcome bonus within your first 5 deposits. They also offer a nice, wide variety of banking options making your life easier. MiamiClub is a good bet for the discerning slot lover.

If you thought the $800 was generous over at MiamiClub (which it really is) you'll be floored by Lincoln Casino $5,000 sign up bonus. This can be accumulated over the course of your first 3 deposits, with match bonuses ranging from 100% up to 200% on your 3rd deposit. The potential here to grow your bankroll from the beginning is reason enough to get rolling at Ignition Casino.

Bovada Casino made huge waves in the online gambling world when the burst onto the scene, and rightly so. Ever since then, they have been pushing the envelope of the online casino world with some of the best and most realistic games as well as some of the most professional customer service you can find. Their table games, in particular, are simply exceptional. From Baccarat to War, including some very unique games like Mystic Shuffle Hi-Lo and Vegas Three Card-Rummy, they have some of the best table games online. This is not to discount their graphic rich slot games, like The Big Heist and The Prince of Sherwood. Scramble into the mix their 100% bonus when you open an account and you'll see why folks love Bovada Casino Slots so much.