Dennis Rodman Slots

Dennis Rodman's Worm's World is a slot machine that has been recently created and introduced into the marketplace. There are many things to love about this slot machine such as the fact that you can find it online at reputable casinos such as Lincoln Casino .

However, there is far more to this slot machine than just the fact that you can find it at some of the best online casinos around. Perhaps the thing that is most worth mentioning about this slot machine is the fact that there is a bonus game attached where winning is actually guaranteed. There are few things in an online casino where losing is impossible, but the Dennis Rodman slot machine's bonus game is one of them. There are three rounds to the game and if you win on all three, the prize you win will be extremely large indeed.

Bonus rounds are not the only special feature to this slot machine however, since it is also equipped with a free spins feature. This feature takes three scatter symbols to trigger, with the end result being a period of 15 free spins during which all of the wins you get are automatically tripled. You can even extend the period by getting more spins with three scatter symbols on them, although if this does happen you will still receive 15 free spins as opposed to the triple amount which is 45.

All of these excellent features are wrapped into a typical video slot machine interface that includes five reels and twenty pay lines. The theme for the slot machine is based on basketball and Dennis Rodman, both of which have iconic status in many areas of the world. Because of that, it is perhaps no surprise that this slot machine has become so popular in such a short time.