Batman vs. Superman

Night falls over Gotham City, the darkness suits her streets. They reek of crime. Even the garbage is ashamed of the filth washing up on the shores of Gotham River. Arkham Asylum’s former tenants slither though the fiendish underbelly of these vicious city streets. A shadow follows them. Understand them. Predicts their sinister plots. Uncovers their insane mysteries.

While in another bursting metropolis the sun shines bright off the freshly washed windows. But appearances can be deceiving, safety can be an illusion and even the dirtiest windows can be washed. Every night is a party thrown by the cities finest business men who, like the city, have all the appearance of goodness but that’s where it ends. Enter the city's guardian angel, a reporter with eyes that see through walls and into the hearts of greedy men. And he stands for truth and justice.

Could a man so good accept one who walks like the criminals he hates? If they meet, will they shake hands or throw a punch? Can a mere mortal with a few fancy gadgets stand a chance against a super man? Can a sanctimonious goody goody keep his strength when his opponent will not hesitate to carry kryptonite? The Dark Knight versus the Man of Steel. Who would win? The debate has raged on for decades, but playing Batman Slots and playing Superman Slots, you can finally have the last word.

On The Same Side

In many ways they are a lot alike, Batman and Superman, and so are their slots. Both are superheroes. Both are icons of comic-culture. Both have 50 paylines. Both heroes stand in as the Wild Symbol and substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter Logo. And both will appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4. Superman does go that extra mile, he wins you free spins when he appears and then during your free spins he’ll appear at random on any reel. Both heroes multiply your winnings when they help create a winning combination, Batman will double your winnings, while Superman will multiply your winnings up to 5x when you earn them during your free spins.

Batman Slots also has a free spins feature that is triggered by Commission Gordon and the Bat signal appearing on reels 1 and 5. Suddenly, a symbol on reel 2, 3, or 4 will expand to fill the entire reel and stays in place while the other reels are re-spun 3 times. All of your prizes during the free spins are doubled and you can still trigger more free spins.

This is Not the Last Hurrah

Play all 50 paylines plus 10 extra coins in either Batman Slots or Superman slots and trigger the Bonus Bet feature. The Bonus Bet Feature will propel you into a world of possibilities, Saving the World with Superman or Descending into Madness with the Batman. Both features are triggered when you receive 3 or more Batman or Superman sybols on your screen. In the Descent into Madness bonus game, Batman strikes down Arkham Asylum inmates with his batarang to win prizes. Help Batman defeat the inmates and you will take on the Joker. If Batman captures the Joker, you win up to 100 times your triggering bet! On the other hand, when you trigger Superman’s Save the World feature, you’ll help him navigate a meteor shower and destroy missiles to win prizes. Once Superman reaches Earth, you'll choose from one of three lead-lined doors. But choose wisely, one door leads to a room of deadly kryptonite, ending the bonus game. Another door frees a room full of hostages. And behind the last door you discover Lex Luthor. Capture him and you win up to 100 times your triggering bet!

Batman or Superman: Who Wins?

So back to my original question; in a face-off between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, who would win? BAM! You do! Both games are available at VIP Casino, so download and play today because, in the end, it’s your choice. Do you want to leap tall building in a single bound or stay concealed in the shadows? Do you want to take down mighty villains with your super human powers or use deductive reasoning to out smart them? In short, are you a Superman or a Batman? Either way, you’re the winner!