Cash Grab Slots

Grab your fedora and get spinning on Cash Grab slots. This traditional little bonus slot has a classic look and feel with a new school punch when you hit that jackpot and get up to 2400 credits on your spin! As a 3 reel, 1 payline slot, Cash Grab is quite easy to grasp, which means you can comfortably get spinning as soon as you download any of the number of casinos that offers it. A great place to find Cash Grab is Liberty Slots US casino. With their generous sign up bonus, it’s the perfect place to put your bankroll to good use at Cash Grab.

The More Cash you Wager, the More Cash you Grab!

With a 3 reel, traditional slot like Cash Grab, the odds are in your favor for a decent payout on many of your spins. They build the payout structure so that there are many possible combinations earning a payout. That’s why, even if you choose to bet the smallest coin size, it’s worth it to “play max,” meaning wager 3 coins, thereby increasing your odds even more. The smooth music and appealing graphics also encourage you to keep spinning until the big win. Download casino software now for your chance at that big win on Cash Grab!

The Big Win is Bigger than you Think on Cash Grab

The Cash Grab symbol is wild here. Get 1 Cash Grab symbol and it pays out 2X the winning, get 2 symbols and you earn 4X the winning spin. That’s potentially serious cash, especially the larger the coin size your spin is. What makes Cash Grab so unique, however, is the Bonus Round. For one thing, just one bonus symbol triggers the Bonus Round. That means you don’t have to wait for any complicated combination, one symbol does it. Secondly, when you hit the Bonus Round on Cash Grab, you are guaranteed a win. When the Bonus Round is triggered, you choose a sack of cash. You can either keep your prize or try your luck at a higher prize by choosing another sack. You can keep choosing as long as the prizes go up, otherwise, you keep your last choice. But regardless, you always come out a winner from their Bonus Round. Get three Cash Grab symbols and you’re in the money with 2400 times your coin size! With a max bet of 3 $10 coins, there is an opportunity here to grab some serious cash.

Choose Your Casino Carefully for Cash Grab

Before deciding which casino is the best for you, it’s important to examine a few key elements. First, check which one even has the Cash Grab slots game. Liberty Slots Casino is a great example. Liberty Slots has outstanding customer service, offers Cash Grab and will make sure to keep you in the money with their regular promotions and bonuses. Their sizeable welcome bonus of 100% will get you spinning immediately and keep you spinning for a long time. So download Liberty Slots Casino today to stake your claim at the Cash Grab!

Wonna Grab the Cash? Try Milk the Cash Cow Slots!

We do have another "cash" slot that we think you will find even more suitable to your taste. Milk the Cash Cow Slots is available at Planet 7 Casino and is, in our opinion, out of this world for a classic slot game.

One Hefty Cow!

A 3-reel, 1-payline classic slot, Milk the Cash Cow slot has an unprecedented jackpot of 10,000 coins, with a consolation jackpot worth 4000 coins. With coin denominations ranging from five cents to $5, the max bet is only $15. This will give you ample opportunity to vie for the big jackpot prize. Furthermore, unlike most classic slots, this one offers you the Cash Cow a wild symbol AND a wild multiplier of 3xs. The easy to read pay table is located to the left of the slot machine, providing you with all the winning combinations in this slot game. So if it's cash you want, then it's cash you'll get!

Mobile Version

We have some great news for our mobile players! Now you can play Cash Grab Mobile Slots at the new Lincoln Mobile Casino and Liberty Slots Mobile Casino. Yes, mobile users can rejoice over the fact that these two casinos saw the writing on the wall and acted upon it immediately. No matter where you are, you can play cash Grab Mobile Slots as long as you wish on your mobile device. You can use auto play in case you are called away or need to take some time out. This is news fit to print! But there’s even more great news. Not only can you play Cash grab Mobile Slots, but you can also play: 5-Reel Wheel of Chance Mobile Slots, Funky Chicken Mobile Slots, Dragon Master Mobile Slots and Amanda Panda Slots. What a line-up! Also, in the very near future, iPads and iPhones will be added for mobile users as well. This is future of gaming, and now you can be a big part of it. Play Cash Grab Mobile Slots on your device and enjoy all of its wonderful features.