Gold in Bars Slots

Remember the days when you use to visit a land-based casino and head straight for the dollar slots? Well, forget that because Bovada Casino has just released a brand new dollar slot called Gold in Bars Slots. With a cumulative jackpot currently at over $600, this is your chance to play a classic slot game from the old days. Play at Gold Bars Slots now!

Gold in Bars Slots Game Facts

A classic 3-reel, 1-payline slot, it has a current jackpot of over $600 and climbing! Gold in Bars Slots also has some familiar symbols as well including: single, double, and triple gold bars, lemons, bells, cherries, blue diamonds, and stars. If you want to bet 4 coins, and the triple gold bars come out, you can win 10,000 coins! With a 3-coin bet, you can win 7500 coins! As we said, this is a dollar slot with a maximum bet of $5, so all you penny slot players will have a chance at winning some serious money playing Gold in Bars Slots.

Fun and Easy to Play

Gold in Bars Slots is very easy to play and features the paytable at the top of the slot machine clearing showing the symbols and their payouts. This easy to play classic slot has only 3 buttons: Bet One, Bet Max, and Spin. That's all you'll need to play this slot game that will entertain you for hours!

Play Gold in Bars Slots

If you are a classic slot player who loves the old slot machines you use to play at land-based casinos, play Gold in Bars Slots at Bovada Casino. You are going to LOVE it!