Big Bang Slots

You’ve all heard the term the “big bang” referring to how the universe was first developed. While the debate still goes on, however, we have a new slot game that has absolutely nothing to do with the formation of the universe in general; but is about the Olympic Games in particular. Big Bang Slots is a classic slot with a few extra bonuses.

As Colorful as the Universe

A 3-reel, 3-payline slot game, Big Bang Slots is as colorful as the universe, beautifully designed in red and gold. The first jackpot is 6000 coins, while the second is worth 3000 coins. The maximum bet for this slot game is $15; however, the coin sizes vary from five cents to five dollars, providing you with ample opportunity to play this slot game for many hours. There are nine winning combinations that are displayed at the top of the slot machine for you to refer to while playing.

Symbols Combine Traditional and Contemporary

The symbols in Big Bang Slots combine the traditional with contemporary and include: cherries, gold single bars, gold double bars, gold triple bars, the Big Bang Golden Coin, and the Olympic Red Seven. The Big Bang Golden Coin symbol is wild. For you, this means that when it appears in a winning combination, it will pay out handsomely. It substitutes for all other symbols to form these combinations. To win the jackpot, you need to get all three Big Bang Golden Coins on the third payline, while all three on the second payline will garner you the second jackpot. All three appearing on the first payline will yield a 1000-coin win.

Play Big Bang Slots

Whether you believe in the “big bang” theory or not, this slot game will bring you down to earth and enjoy a delightful and easy slot game that offers lucrative jackpots. We invite you to play Big Bang Slots at our featured casinos: