Fandango's 3 Lines Slots

Fandango’s 3 Lines slots is the second version of this slot game, the first being a 1-line slot which we have reviewed for our players. The symbols are the same and the only difference is that this version has three different jackpots.

About the Game

Fandango has a western theme, and is also a favorite classic slot among US players. The pay table is located to the left of the slot making it easy for you to view the symbols and payouts as you play. There is also an Auto Play button as well. Fandango is a 3-reel, 3-payline slot. The maximum number of coins is 5, and the max bet is $15. The jackpot is worth $30,000.

Playing the Game

As with Fandango’s 1 Line Slots, this 3-Lines Slot works basically in the same manner. With the Wild Sheriff’s Badge symbol, you can make winning combinations potentially with each spin of the reels. This classic slot, because it has a western theme, has guns, bullets, and the Sheriff’s hat along with the bars. This makes this particular game even more fun to play. The Sheriff’s Badge symbol can win you the following: get all 3 symbols on line 3 to win 6000 coins; get all three symbols on line 2 to win 3000 coins; and get all three symbols on line 1 to win 1000 coins.


Classic slots come in all shapes, sizes, and themes. Fandango’s 3 Lines Slots is a winner for all who play it. Therefore we recommend you play this game at our participating casinos.